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The Brick Reviews

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  • return Items

    Hello I need to speak someone so in last couple weeks ago i spent around 45 hundred dollars in furniture and bedding and also i purchase 4 couch pillows and picked up 2 of them in the store and once we get home my wife and we spoke and believed we made mistake buying this expensive pillows and very next day i return the 2 pillows i got in the store, the 2 i was going to pick up from the warehouse was able to cancel but the 2 i picked up to my surprise i was told they can't return, i can't believe and the store manager was even very rude and mean he looked at me like i was a... More...
  • Warranty

    Hi. I bought blanket extended warranty for my sectional. It is good until 2018. The seams ripped and a spring popped. I called the warranty line they sent a technician. Technician said it's unrepairable and I will get a phone call from a representative with my options. I received a phone message listing my two options. No where in the message did they tell me there was a due date for my options. Went to store today as I finally have the $ to purchase a new sectional. I was told the $800 credit on a new sofa was only good for 30 days and even the $300 credit which is only... More...

    On Aug 10th I went to the Sun ridge Brick in Calgary Alberta. I dealt with a nice young man by the name of Joseph. He was having issues with the computer system due to the upgrades and kept asking help from several managers. The steps he took were all right. He was helpful and respectful. He took us up to customer service because the order summary was not printing and asked for help. A manager by the name of Valentina came up and was extremely disrespectful to Joseph in my presence. Her tone, her demeanour was so condescending and so unprofessional. She should be reprimanded or go take... More...
  • disgustingly dissapointed at customer service at TheBrick store NorthYork

    I came to (4250 Dufferin Street Toronto, ON M3H 5W4) TheBrick store 9;20am. Store was close because they were spouse to open 9:30. I waited and they opened 9;45am. I was the only and first customer who walked in. I have King size bedroom set and was missing part. I was directed to customer service department by one of thebrick employee. There was 2 person working I had to stay in front of them for 30 min then I got helped. No one wondered including store manager have been looked after or not. anyways after that I wanted purchased 2 items that I wanted no sales people helped me after I... More...
  • Broken futon

    I buy futon from Tent Sale last month. On my first day I notice the base was moving. I tied screwed and put on the corner. After one week again it starts moving. I backed it on floor and notice that actually, it is totally broken base from inside and they just temporary fixed and sold. A big company and cheating with customers and saying that the item in on annual sale. Product Name = Futon (Coach & bed) Location = KIngston, Ontario, Canada More...
  • 3 piece sofa set

    3 piece sofa set purchased 3years ago, Aug 2012...still under 5 year warranty, I spent $4808.95 in total at that time. Queen mattress, tv with stand, kitchen dinette + 3 piece sofa set (Angus recliing chair, loveseat & sofa). I have tried to maintain it in good condition, but it has started to flake, bubble up and tearing looks tattered and old. Very disappointed in this product..cost was about $1999.97 with angus tv package. The Confirm#223207 placed on my couch was inspected on Feb 21, 2015 and the Brick will repair it. But I called back asking if I could speak to someone about... More...
  • service

    bought a MAYTAG fridge and paid for it nov 10 2014 and told today dec 8 not available anymore when i was expecting a fridge before holidaysa and a house full of guests and no fridge since i just bought a house that has NO FRIDGE. SO NOW WHAT SINCE APPARENTLY THERE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE??? GET MY MONEY BACK AND START OVER AT CHRISTMAS TIME????/ POOR SERVICE AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTALE More...
  • Over 16 days with no response

    This is an email I sent on September 19, 2014 to along with the CSR whom was forwarding my complaint to a supervisor. I have yet to hear from ANYONE in response to my original call on September 9/14. Does The Brick care about it's customers AT ALL??!!!! Hello, As we thought would happen, we have yet to receive a call/message from A******a. We've had several calls from different departments of The Brick reiterating the same information which is the reason we want to speak with a supervisor. We are not happy with the messages left and the lack of... More...
  • couch and chair

  • Deception lies and fraud

    Brick is absolutely dishonest, and they try to use their logic like you agreed to be scammed, too bad. I have about $2000 credit after returning a defective table due to horrendous quality issue. I agree to accept the credit after they refused to refund my money, but I was never told or written anywhere in a statement saying that I cannot use the credit to buy anything other than furniture at their store. Not knowing, so I went to the Brick looking for a TV. Like a normal person would do, I google for the best price. Their competitor Gibby is selling the TV online for $500 less and bring a... More...
  • WOW

    Good morning, My name is Phil Beaubien,my wife and I purchased a sofa,chair,coffee table,end table and cabinet 42 days ago,we paid cash,I am still waiting for all my items and as it stands it may be 46 days by the time everything is in,We have been customers for 10 years,buying everything for our home from the brick,this is absolutely unacceptable,46 days,really.Also parts of my shipment have come in and been sold on us,just to make the sale,I promise the brick that this will be the last purchase we will ever make from you,if it wasn't for my wife I would have come in for a full... More...
  • customer service

    I am disgusted with the lack of customer service received at the South Common store. My husband and I entered the store to view a couple of appliances and were not approached. Upon leaving the store we noticed several employees lounging on a sofa conversing over a previous sports game. My husband made a comment to them regarding how they made a bad impression with their appearance and received a rude response by an employee. We will never return to an establishment. It's unfortunate that there is management for performance reviews. Many of these people should not be working in such an... More...
  • Worst Customer Service

    I was very disappointed with the way the manager treated us regarding our furniture. We bought this kitchen cabinet on december 26 and they told us it will be delivered by february 13, but unfortunately due to it was not available as they misplaced our order, then at that time they told us that they will have the cabinet delivered by may was estimates, but they never followed up or called us regarding our order also it is again being re-scheduled to be delivered that to approximated by june, if we haven't called them then they would have never told us that our order will be late.... More...
  • tv's

    went to ur store to buy tv talk to man he said he would give us good deal on a tv that was advertised in flyer. after all the negotiating came up with deal. didn't buy then said i wanted to look at a few more stores. so i went to other stores and decided ur deal was the best, so called and asked if the tv he was selling us was new in box he said no it was for the floor model and i was only going to get the 1 yr warranty that came with it. I thought i was negotiating for new tv in box not a display model he said thats the only 1 left because it was a discontinued model. well anyways i... More...
  • poor customer service

    I have phoned and written several complaints re: a ripped couch.. complaining since December - and I am not satisfied with the response - $500 and keep the ripped couch or exchange the couch only. I don't see any reason why they would not provide me with a store credit instead of a replacement. I asked this to be escalated so today, the customer service called me and advised I only have the two options and then i received an email - with this one liner... Hello, Unfortunately as previously stated we are unable to provide you with any more options as the ones provided follow... More...
  • mattress waranty

    hi hi have buy this mattress on the brick and all so buy the waranty total was around $1800 after a couple of months e found that my the matress have a problem ,sinks in the center . I call the brick and they told me its not from our department you have to fill up a claim and then send by fax mail or delivery here ad then they will cantact you for a technical go see . ok tha guy call me and came into my house see tha matress here is the problem, he measured the sik and it was arround 1 and 3/4 inch and told me provably it was not enough to exchange the matress but , the problem is that... More...
  • Customer Disservice--Unbelievable behaviour

    Bought a TV stand from Brick. The wrong item code was entered by the sales representative (honest mistake)and I got the bigger and more expensive ($100 more) one by mistake--but since the item descriptions were identical and the sales clerk put the correct pricing on the invoice it was only discovered upon setting it up at home and saw that it didn't come close to fitting. When I notified them of this error, they indicated that since the sale was technically now over (4 days) my request to get the correct size I originally ordered (which was $100 LESS expensive) would actually COST ME... More...
  • Mistake made by the brick

    I've purchased furniture from the brick and they gave me $701 discount. 2 months later, they claim that a mistake was made and that I should return the money( $701). The lady that called me was rude and unprofessional. I spoke with the Sales manager and he was no help either. He treated to send my information to collections. I went to the Brick ( 565 Hunt Club, Ottawa) in person and the lady at the counter was rude and unsympathetic. I'm not happy with Brick's customer service and I will soon talk to the store manager( Hassan). I will never buy anything from the Brick and... More...
  • Leather ??

    Apparently The Brick is allowed to sell anything as leather . As per the brick employee "Ernest" they can sell a 1 inch patch of leather on a couch as a ""whole leather couch ! Their extended warranty does not apply to anything they sell My 67 year old mother bought a ""LEATHER"" couch .The leather turned Green . they said it was not leather although the bill stated leather. I got it changed after months of hassle. They exchanged my mother's set for a (bonded leather) set and now it is peeling off..The brick has informed me that a leather... More...
  • Haier TV

    I have waited 5 weeks for somebody from Haier to fix my TV. This Tv is only bought last Sept. I should not have to make 6 calls and nobody gets back to me. They showed up promptly to look at Tv but the parts were no good had to reorder. According to 3rd partly company in Toronto they said it would take 4 weeks from Atlanta. I called Haier back and complained that was crazy the have already sent a person once now a second time they might have just replaced the Tv. I hold both the Brick and Haier resposible for causing me to wait all this time for a new tv broken. I have just finished ready... More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Paid for, confirmed delivery and no couch!

    Order # 091028A0550 I ordered a couch online and it was scheduled to be delivered today. I gave the Brick almost 2 weeks notice of the delivery date, and they agreed September 16th would be no problem. The lady who I had spoke with said the drivers would call and give an estimated time the morning of. I went ahead and scheduled the elevator for September 16th and paid $150 to my apartment building so I could have the elevators padded for my couch. When it was 11am and I still had not received a phone call for delivery, I made a call to the delivery line. I was on hold for over 20mins.... More...
  • Missing dresser

    On August 9th 2012 my husband and I went the Brick in Peterborough. We purchased a bedroom set for our son. It is a 5 piece bedroom package. We paid $75.00 to have it delivered. When it came, one of the dressers was missing. I phoned and reported the missing dresser. The sales lady was rude to me and told me that sometimes this happens and that she left a message. In fact, I spoke to a rep previously who did indeed inform me that there was a chance that the set would have to be shipped in 2 separate loads. However, this was never confirmed and now I am told that they do not deliver to my... More...
  • Extended Warranty

    Samsung Plasma Screen - Bricks Extended Warranty Bought a 2000 dollar plasma tv from Brick plus another 399.00 for extended in home service warranty. What a joke as never received in home service ,had to bring my 50" screen in to the service company they designated and then they decline the claim trying to tell me due to impact damage. TV was turned on, made a loud bang, screen went black and started to make buzzing noise. Unplugged TV called warranty dept and w/o them even going into the unit they see pictures sent by service company and right of way decline claim saying I must of... More...
    (Repair Services)
  • Warranty

    Our micro-suade sofa set is one year old and already we've had the tech. in our home twice. The springs are alrady coming through the topper material and Your store has refused to warranty the product! We are past and present customers of yours and deserve better treatment!! We want you to Honor your commitment to customer satisfaction and fix our sofa set. D. Allen Peterborough, On. More...
  • Mattress

    Bought new mattress from the brick in Leduc alberta with 10 year warranty on it but failed to inform us that because we live in a rual area a warrety tech can not come to view our complaint against our mattress . Will filed out warranty sheet and all nesasary paper work from the brick. Store manager called and informed us that there service tech does not travel to our area. We told them it is only an additional 12 km out of the way . She was going to try but never returned our call. More...
  • $900 CAD Sectional That Teared up

    On December 10 of 2010 (roughly this date), I purchased a red sectional from The Brick in Edmonton, AB The total price is $990 CAD. As of this price, I was not expecting my sectional being teared up. I barely sit in the inner corner of it! Most of the time I am sitting on the far left hand side! AS YOU CAN ALSO NOTICE, IT IS NOT A PRETTY SCENE TO LOOK AT! I am really upset about it. I pay almost $1000CAD for this hot looking sectional, and within just one year, it is ruined!!!?? I would like to communiate with someone that can ACTUALLY help with solving this problem, due... More...
  • Visa

    So I was looking for a pre-teen bedroom set. I found one in the flyer at the Brick. I called and spoke to a lady Val she said there was only one left and that I should put down a small deposit on my Visa because it might be sold by the time I got hold it, till I could look at it and if I didn't like it I could get my deposit back. With no problem. I asked her 3 times if she was sure I could get my deposit back. So I go to the Brick with my daughter to look at it and it's not on display. I'm not the kind of person that buys something I can't see. So we go to... More...
  • Never Shop at The Brick!

    I took a day off from work today so I can wait for my stuff to be delivered, They were supposed to call me to give a 3 hours window but I never received a phone call. I went out to get coffee and in the meantime the delivery guys showed up at my apt with our calling me. They could not wait for me until I get home to let them in, when I called the delivery customer service center the associate was rude, told me there was nothing they can do for me and I have to wait until Friday. The whole process is so horrible and I would never shop at The Brick again! More...
    (Delivery Services)
  • Customer service

    Please beware consumers that trying to return an item to the Brick will cost you. I was not told by the saleperson when I bought a microwave at The Brick that I could not return it. I bought the same microwave as I currently have and the item has changed(deeper) and it would not fit in my kitchen. Upon trying to return it two days later I was told no returns, store credit only because the box was open. I have never not been able to return an item to a store. Manager was ignorant and proceeded to finally take back the item for a 20% restocking fee. I also purchase a fridge for work and the... More...
  • I Require the items I purchased!

    On September 25, 2008 I purchased, from the Scarborough company location, a living-room set (Sale order Number 09258440527?). I paid $1200 in cash for two sofas, tables and two lamps. To date I have received everything except for the lamps. I have waited 3 months for the delivery of the lamps. Initial delivery dates had been established for the delivery of the lamps and every time, 4-5 times in total, those delivery dates had been pushed back. At this point the superstore is unable to determine when, if ever, those lamps will be delivered to me. I had called the company's... More...
    (Interior Design, Home Repairs - Sponsored by SEARS)


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