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The Brick Reviews

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  • Very Pleased

    Had issues with manufacturer defects, Called service department immediately was given assurance someone would call to set up appointment .. 2Days later received call from service ,they were pleasant and knowledgable ,both items were going to be returned for full credit on a reselection. Visited the Southridge Brick store and were greeted by a very smartly dressed costumer service representative Hedwa she was informative,kind,patient and very professional . When we had a question beyond her authority , immediately she reach out to the service manager. Valentina was surprisingly just as... More...
    (Repair Services)
    bryanelliott's Picture   bryanelliott    0 Comments   Comments
  • Home Furniture

    called the store to make an order through the phone as I was moving to Victoria in a couple of months. I got a very polite salesman who was very patient and understanding ( Jim), who worked with me for well over an hour to not only meet my budget but my time of delivery. Along the the general manager ( I think his name is Rod) we worked out what would best match with my blueprint of my condo and my taste. We picked out furniture for my entire condo. I have bought a lot furniture over the years from average to high end, and have had some issues particularly with The Brick, but was taken back... More...
    NewResident's Picture   NewResident    0 Comments   Comments
  • alternative stores

    I've had such bad experience with the bricks customer service that i started looking for some other locations for furniture. i highly recommend going to kennedy and lawrence (head north on kenney). basically a strip of furniture stores that were decently priced and were much better in terms of dealing with customers. I also found this store on kingston and galloway called mude furniture that carried the same stuff as the other stores but at a better price. they actually price matched what i found on kennedy and lawrence and on top of that gave me a 10% discount. i highly recommend them! More...
    Johnyboy's Picture   Johnyboy    0 Comments   Comments
  • hExample: read what you sign and there won't be surprises.

    If you actually took time to read the ONE page card holder application you would 1. Know about the annual fee for you lazy QC people and you would know what a better deal you are getting then the rest of us & 2. You would see the boldest box with bold letter explaining what the payment protection is and how much it charges each month, rather then just be a child and just sign without reading. A ND why on earth would you ever trust a sales person they are there for one thing the commission on what you buy they don't give a damn if u sign up for something that cost each month they... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    jaydondrew9's Picture   jaydondrew9    0 Comments   Comments
  • the brick takes leaking washer back

    I bought a lg front load washer from the brick 3 days ago tried it for the first time today .and instead of the water going into the drum it was pouring onto my floor my husband and I went to the brick Chilliwack bc and explained the situation and the customer service rep was already on the phone ordering another one as quickly as she could get one delivered witch is on Sunday. not a lot of questions just great customer care and concern I love the brick. thank you thank you LAELONI K. YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON DANA AND BENITO. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DANABENITO's Picture   DANABENITO    2 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick (Langley Location)

    We bought a brand new TV and a leather sectional. We are extremely happy with our purchase and not only that, but Cleveland Panting was the best sales rep. we have ever met. He was super friendly, understanding and considerate. I wish more sales rep. at the Brick were like him. He definitely has leadership-like qualities and deserves to be a manager. Because of our experience with Cleveland, we will recommend the Brick to all our family and friends. Thank you Cleveland, From Sashi & Prasad Family :) More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    ssprasad26's Picture   ssprasad26    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken Box Spring

    My box spring broke on My bed. I got theMattresses set last year in July. I was not inform by the Brick that I needed special supports for this Box spring. When we had the guy come to check on our mattresses he told us we needed a new Box spring but they would not replace it because we did not have the supports for the mattresses. We have had the same bed and supports for the pass 30 years and never had a problem with the bed before.I am so disappointed My mattresses is now starting to stag in the middle. It is so uncomfortable I will not buy anything from the Brick again. More...
    vicdad's Picture   vicdad    0 Comments   Comments
  • You guys here are idiots...And i will tell you why

    I used to be a Store Manager at The Brick, it wasn't one of the largest locations either. On weekly basis we delivered close to $200,000 and I had 5-6 customer service issues because something went wrong. Delivery didn't happen, product was damaged, etc. This was 5% of our total business, so if you think you guys that are here whinning and complaining like a bunch of little babies are just being stupid cuz for a gigantic company like The Brick it's impossible to not have 5% issues, and better to have issues with idiots like you than other people. More...
    annh's Picture   annh    11 Comments   Comments
  • Brick 5yr Warranty and Price Rip off!!!!

    The Brick Stores sell extended warranties, it will cost you almost 20 % of the total cost of the product, it is a rip off The Brick make out of your fear, they will scare you talking how many units are repaired so far etc... Rule # one : Never Pay Sticker Price, rule# 2: Never Take extended Warranties unless you are too doubtful of its survival, Rule # 3 Never take Payment Protection insurance, it is another ripoff !, Bargain, Bargain Bargain..most items are 25% more than home depot or sears!, ask the sales person to write in your invoice with a pen and get signature...what you are... More...
    (Home Improvement)
    Triminha's Picture   Triminha    1 Comments   Comments
  • Brick Beacon Hill

    14 years ago we used the brick for two purchases and were not happy at all (delivery was bad, arrived broken, hassle to fix and so on) Recently we decided to give the Brick another chance. We purchased two power reclining sofas from the Brick at Beacon Hill. Delivery was on time but unfortunately one day after delivery both had broken. The Brick (Beacon Hill) was quick to respond and quickly sent out two new sofas. We still were not completely happy with the new ones. I phoned the Brick thinking I would have a major fight on my hands. I spoke to an awesome lady (Sheri) and she was so... More...
    teresa0409's Picture   teresa0409    3 Comments   Comments
  • you idiots

    My first comments will be to the people who commented on this thing complaining about the brick card. Yes the interested rate is high BUT The Brick DOES NOT make up the policy for the brick card nor the interest rate. It is NOT our responisbility to make you read the fine print BEFORE you sign ANY legal documents morons. As for the furniture that we sell, The Brick does not MAKE the furniture, we sell them so before you go off telling us we make shitty product find out who makes it and DO YOUR RESEARCH! We have some great vendor's who make some awesome stuff. When you spend $399 for a... More...
    thebrickcsr's Picture   thebrickcsr    12 Comments   Comments


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