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The Brick Reviews

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  • Errors hard to resolve

    After paying up front for our fridge and waiting since Aug 8 (its now Aug 29th) the Brick had us pick up the fridge from the Courtenay store and we unpacked it to find this fridge had not had the doors change-- we had paid for ($25.00 for this easy fix, but they have to do it for "warranty purposes"). First the manager said they would send a person out to do this. Now the manager, Mark, states "oh sorry you have the wrong fridge. There is one here with the correct door arrangement. You can pick it up or we can deliver. Delivery will be sometime Sat. within a three hour... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    sallyk's Picture   sallyk    1 Comments   Comments
  • glass dining set

    I purchased a thousand dollars glass dining set where scratches appear on the glass just by looking at it. Poor quality product. The glass shelves in my fridge, on my outdoor patio table, my end tables in my living room have no scratches, however when I called the store in Burlington where I purchased the set the assistant store manager told me there is no warranty on glass and proceeded to asked me what I did to scratch the table. When I asked to speak to someone higher than her (Carolyn) I was told there was no one else to speak to. So I asked then you must be the President of the... More...
    sopietro's Picture   sopietro    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick tv stand

    I purchased a tv stand from the brick, the delivery guy told me you have 30 days to exchange or return. Once inside my house I realized it was too big. I called the brick and explained exactly that to them. The manager yelled at me for 30 minutes on the phone telling me I was a liar and that his delivery guys would not have said that. He refused to allow me to return it. He kept yelling at me saying, what do you want me to do? what do you want me to do? There's nothing I'm going to do it's yours now you deal with it. I was super frustrated and angry with him. He was unwilling... More...
    sher20141892's Picture   sher20141892    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick Warranty

    Called to have the washer fixed which is under a Brick Warranty. We are a family of seven and the lady said the best the we could was Tuesday, it is Friday. When I let her know that we are seven people and since most likely a part will need to be ordered. I asked if it was possible to to have someone come today. The very rude lady told me that you are only a TENANT, and that if you would like to have the landlord call maybe they could get someone there earlier. When I asked if they would cover the costs for the Laundry mat. She said they are only responsible for the machine not the clothes.... More...
    (Repair Services)
    joehask15's Picture   joehask15    0 Comments   Comments
  • Very very poor costumer service and dishonest and pushy

    I bought a matters and a sofa from the Brick at Newmarket on May 4 2017 The sales person was rushing and did not explain about their sales and return, exchange policy and said the prices. ( are low only today. ( few days later when i was at the store to talk about my purchase all the prices was the same ) On the delivery day 2 guys showed up rushing to bring the matters in, one pushing and the other dragging the matters on the floor so that the matters was folded i objected but in a flash day brought the matters in and took off the cover when i asked them this matters is a expensive one... More...
    digitalhouse's Picture   digitalhouse    0 Comments   Comments
  • the brick fridge

    I bought a fridge March 18/2017 delivery time August 4/2017. I talked to sales person Rebecca about the fridge March 18 she told me that she can't hold that long. So I called Toronto Ontario the brick they told me yes sure no problem it's no more then 6 months. I went back to the store in London Ontario so they agree , and before that I ask Rebecca if they will hold the fridge for me because the gap its long . She told me yes she can hold the fridge if I purchase it.when I called brick in Toronto they said they had 15 in stock and they could hold one for me.the London store... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Bobs123's Picture   Bobs123    0 Comments   Comments
  • Missing furniture

    We purchased $8000 worth of furniture in February at the Kelowna store. We were taking possession of our new house in Kelowna in April. We were going to put a deposit down but they told us that in order to have a guaranteed delivery of everything for April 3rd, we would have to pay everything up front. So, we wanted the beds etc and paid everything as this gave them plenty of time to get our purchases ordered. We bought 3 new beds and 2 sets of 9 piece bedroom furniture (along with couches, chairs etc.,) they made us buy very expensive mattress covers, told us that if we did not that if... More...
    Iworkhard1's Picture   Iworkhard1    0 Comments   Comments

    Do not buy any furniture at THE BRICK!!! WHY? FIRST is because the foundation of their furniture is not good! We purchased a bed and after 1 week my dad sat on my bed and the both side of the bed was broke and we called the customer service about the issue but they said that we should accommodate the technician and they will give us a schedule but it took 1 month before the technician came into our house. SECOND of all The customer service is not accommodating and SHE so rude. THIRD, their warranty is JUST 3 DAYS!!!!??? WHERE THE HELL CAN YOU FIND A FURNITURE STORE THAT'S GIVING YOU... More...
  • Disappointed

    My experience at The Brick was the "WORST" We purchased a sectional on boxing day sale. Within 2 months we were sitting on the frame and we notice one of the seams was undone between the cushion. We have no kids and we like to keep our furniture in good condition. We called customer service and she basically told us we needed to take a day off to accommodate the technician, i told her we purchased a warranty and that it should be the other way around that he should accommodate our schedule because we work during the day. The customer service lady was so rude and unprofessional... More...
    Sylvie's Picture   Sylvie    1 Comments   Comments
  • Mattress warranty

    I went to buy a new bed that was on sale then was told there beds have a 10 year warranty so I said I bought my bed in 2011 he then told me to talk to customer service so I went to talk to them and they told me that yes my bed was under warranty and they would send a inspector to come and look at the bed. After 1 week the inspector came and measured and took pictures of my bed. 2 weeks later I got a call saying my bed wasn't under warranty anymore because it was only a 5 year warranty I then told them that u guys told me it was 10 year warranty and a inspector came and took pictures... More...
    Asusmike's Picture   Asusmike    0 Comments   Comments
  • Saleman's Personal hygiene

    I went into The Brick Store in Milton, Ontario. A salesman followed me around the store which was ok, this is normal but when he finally caught up to me he asked me what I was looking for. I told him what I was shopping for but I spend two minute beside him and I had to leave. The smell coming off of him made me sick. The problem I had was he was well dressed but didn't have the courtesy to put on a deodorant....uck...Handed me a business card scratch out and written in ink SANJAY More...
    Millton's Picture   Millton    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick delivered broken chest

    The brick delivered a broken chest we bought for $600. The same day of delivery we told the delivery driver we did not want the broken piece of furniture. He told us to contact the sales person at the store. The salesperson promised he would have it handled but no one ever showed up. I contacted head office who told me I would have to speak to the sales guy. The sales guy told me I would have to speak to the manager, the manager of surrey central location NEVER RETURNS CALLS. Ultimately we spent $600 dollars on a piece of furniture that's broken and cannot be used - AND NO ONE WANTS TO... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Henna's Picture   Henna    1 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Delivery

    On January 5th we purchased 2 beds. We were told the delivery would be delivered January 16th. When we called to confirm we were told our delivery would be rescheduled to January 20th. When we said that was not okay we were told that they could deliver on the 19th. Not happy we agreed. January 18th we get another call to confirm our January 20th delivery. When I said that we had been promised January 19th I was told that they could not deliver until the 20th. In addition, we are paying to have our old mattresses taken away. Before they will take the old mattresses we have to put them... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Kistlifa's Picture   Kistlifa    0 Comments   Comments
  • Oakdale Microsuede 2 piece sectional

    **Ya this couch is a piece of junk, I agree with everyone on here. We waited 6 weeks to get our first one we ordered. Two days later, multiple issues with it. Fabric wrinkling, lines appearing on the cushions, looked terrible and as if it was already a few years old. I went in and complained, got them to send me another one without issue. Finally another 6 weeks later, when my second one arrived, just as the guys are unwrapping it in the driveway, they tell me to come see something. There are two holes punctured into each piece of the couch, as if a forklift drove into it. I refused to... More...
    totes1234's Picture   totes1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lousy service at The Brink Kamloops, BC

    I have been a customer of the Brick for years and have spent 10's of thousands of dollars there. But, after my experiences at The Brick in Kamloops in 2016, I am done with them. I spent between $15,000 and $16,000 and have gotten such lousy service I feel like I have been raped. The Manager didn't have time to talk to me about one order, despite him being the one that I dealt with on one sale, every delivery was missing half the items, orders took months and months and in one case I had to cancel one order and reorder a different item which took over a month to get. One of the two... More...
    trione's Picture   trione    0 Comments   Comments
  • LG broken washing machine

    I need my washer is be fixed as soon as possible. To whom it may concern I purchased in 2013 an LG washer and dryer set with a 5 year warranty from a Brick located in Montreal in a specific store located in Anjou. My phone number on the file is 514-619-2012 which is my old telephone number. My washing machine isn't working since November 28th. I called the brick and on Dec 2 Technician came over to my house to inspect the washer and he ordered the necessary piece which needs to be replaced. On December 9th the Technician came back with a piece and tried to resolve the issue and... More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    Navnit's Picture   Navnit    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick customer service sucks

    I brought sofa from bricks 2 years back. I registered my complaint in March 2015 that sofa is tearing apart. They came and acknowledged That they can't repair it. till now it has been back and forth Argument on my sofa and finally I paid again warrantee and delivery For new sofa. I APPRECIATE IF PEOPLE SHOULD THINK TWICE BUY FROM BRIKS. Not happy at all with the situations. Asif khan from Winnipeg. More...

    Went to Saskatoon store to buy sofa for nephew who we just moved. Found sofa we wanted. Said we we would pay for it and take it right now. Only had 1 hr. to shop because had 3 hr drive home. Sales lady came back and said couldn't have it, floor model, even though they could replace it in 3 days. JUst want to sell us clearence models we didn't want. Nobody would help including . THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT doesn't apply to this store. Got nowhere on complaint page either. Worst shopping experience ever and upset whole family. Should call it THE BIG PRICK WHAREHOUSE. More...
    DENVERX1's Picture   DENVERX1    1 Comments   Comments
  • full circle warranty

    i bought a t.v from the brick..bought there full circle warranty say money back to buy merchandise if you don't use it ...they don't tell you have only 90 days after warranty is uo to use it ...written in the contract ...another way too scam you hope you forget like i did ...never will buy anything from the Brick again... tried calling them ...said they cant do anything....back to TEPPEMANS FOR ME .... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    RAFFGABB's Picture   RAFFGABB    3 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - where is my delivery?????

    Bought fridge, stove, leather recliner and couch/armchair/ottoman set on July 4th. Delivery was arranged for July 29th....4 days after we moved to our new home. It is August 18th and we are still waiting for the stove, leather chair and ottoman. On July 30th we were told the soonest it showed on the computer was August 24th for the stove, but that was no guarantee we would get it that week. The store on Fourth Avenue will not return our calls. Our money has been spent 6 weeks ago and since we sold our other stove, we are anxiously waiting. More...
    marlau's Picture   marlau    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick - Month and a half and still no couches!!

    Terrible instore service! Staff playing the blame game - store manager first blames the salesrep, Customer service blames each other. We paid cash for our leather couches and after multiple calls in, all we kept hearing is it will come this week, next week this date/next date. Worst - the customer service reps just try to brush you off the phone rather than showing a single sign of empathy. We were hosting a party and based on the rep's word we got rid of our living room couches. But our delivery never came and not even an apology call. We have been one full month without couches in... More...
    ARRI's Picture   ARRI    0 Comments   Comments
  • Trying to return product 20mins after delivery

    I got a delivery for a bed and mattress today. I was not around when it was delivered. I called the store 20 mins after asking the process of returning the bed, since I want to buy a different one (from Brick). They told me too bad there is not return. I told the store it just came 20 mins ago but they hung up. Ever since than I have been trying to get hold of someone in head office but no luck. Store dose not even answer their phone. I have been a loyal customer for years (you can see my transition history). It seems that guy people only care about money. Worst customer service ever. I am... More...
    Nadiasul's Picture   Nadiasul    0 Comments   Comments
  • the Brick bedroom furniture

    Everything's great until delivery. A computer calls & tells you how it is- all your responsibilities and which 1/2 day to take off work. They showed up late. Delivered one of the boxes crushed -part damaged inside. Said they would order another. Computer called a couple weeks later. Another 1/2 day off work. Try to reschedule on the phone- nothing but attitude. Asked why they shipped the box anyways if it was damaged on the outside. "But SIR! That's our policy! Finally get delivery- they weren't going to assemble it as promised. Reminded them of that obligation.... More...
    skipper1962's Picture   skipper1962    1 Comments   Comments
  • broken chair

    I bought a massage chair at the beacon hill brick. It was a floor model and every thing was good in the store. It was deliveriied to me and the lcd on the controller was broken...must of been in the store As the controller was well packed. Also the back pLAstic base cover was broken. I was told it was going to take two visit by the tech and was going to have to take two day off from work to get it fixed, so I asked them to return it. Roy the salesperson phoned and said he would try to do something to ge it fixed and he'lso the return is cancelled by Roy. That is the last I... More...
    (Real Estate, Brokers, Mortgages)
    Deddy's Picture   Deddy    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick's false advertising strikes again

    Yesterday afternoon I made an internet purchase on Thebrick.Com for 3 (Sony 65" Smart 3D 4K UHD X850B Series LED TV)  as they were advertised on special for $169.13 for a total of $797.82 including $99.00 for shipping costs. This morning they have contacted me to announce that they will not honour their Web site price. But they have yet to send me a refund. I have filled a complaint with the Competition Bureau and am awaiting their response.  A similar scheme seems to have happened with The Brick in December of 2013.   It would be greatly appreciated to... More...
  • dark finish wearing off a night table

    I bought a bedroom set from the Brick in Cornwall, O ntario.. About 6 months ago i noticed the finish was wearing off above the handles on my night table. I called the store spoke to the woman who answered the phone and explained my problem.I gave her the original bill # and she looked it up in the computer and said it was past the year i had bought it and did i buy a warranty on the furniture.I told her i am 69 yrs old and have bought many pieces and sets in my life and not one salesperson had ever mentioned buying a warranty package including their salesman. She told me she could do... More...
    kay231's Picture   kay231    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Warranty Department don't call back!

    I purchased a sleep set in October 2014 for my 13 year old son. The mattress collapsed and was replaced, but now (July 2015) the box spring has collapsed on the one side and is causing the mattress to give way too. I have called the Brick Warranty Department 3 times with the promise of a technician calling me back within 2 -3 business days. This has not yet happened! We are moving house at the end of July and our furniture is going into storage. I did relay this to The Brick Warranty Department but they have still not called me back. This has been going on now for 3 weeks!!! More...
    jcp2661's Picture   jcp2661    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - broken springs box and mattress become wavy

    In late April, we bought a mattress set and a week later it began to creak when we turn on the mattress. After another three weeks the mattress sagged on both sides. I came into the store and said about the problem. They called the inspector who had come two weeks later, after the inspector's visit and recorded that the mattress sagged and showed that Spring box broken due to defective parts of wood. I have asked to replace this set, but they said that they will fix the problem just in box, but the mattress in good condition, I can not exchange this set. People who are simply... More...
    fedotolga's Picture   fedotolga    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick

    My wife and I bought a new sofa couch in leatheret material.. we are in our 50s and just the 2 of us. just under 5 years I have a couch that looks like a person the got sunburnt and is pealing off . The leatheret is just rotting and pealing . It's like a material gone bad or sick it spreads and in the last 2 years it just awful. I am going to the store and show pictures I wish I can attach on this site but there is no way this should happen I do not no the manufacture , but right no I do not care . I want to see the brick answer first. I bought it from them . Forget the warranty crap... More...
    kenchapple's Picture   kenchapple    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Furniture

    Very Low Quality fabric Kent Sofa and Loveseat Sept 2014 i purchased a sofa and loveseat at the brick with 5 year extended warranty. As soon as we started using it i noticed that the fabric was pilling. I thought it's because its just new but as we days go by using it i noticed that it gets worst everyday.Then finally on May 2015,i made a call to their furniture warranty customer service. They send a technician to take a look at it but they decide that the pilling is not under warranty and its wear and tear.I was so mad about their decision. They sold to me a very bad quality of... More...
    cherrie's Picture   cherrie    0 Comments   Comments
  • Extended warranty

    I bought a mattress for $1500 and a sectional for $1200 with extended warranty for both of them. I had a stain on the sectional, and when I went to ask for help, they to.d me that I have to bring a report from a professional cleaning company first, which will cost $300, and for the mattress it became uneven, they gave a bunch of papers to measure the mattress, width, length, and hight and then they will decide what to do. I expected at least to sent a tech from there side to check the issues, but nothing. I stopped paying them, now collecting agency calling me, but still I will not pay them... More...
    Tabualoon1's Picture   Tabualoon1    1 Comments   Comments
  • charges

    I bought furniture last year from the brick Coquitlam. The customer services told us that we have this offer with no interest and no insurance, and now I paid the total amount off, but my account balance shows I have to pay 500$ more for a insurance which was not disclosed for us and nobody explain for us before and we were not aware of it. The Brick did not tell us anything about the "insurance" when we bought the furniture in fact they forced it on us without us knowing about it which is stealing. We are new to Canada,and I try to talk with TD bank and The Brick, but nobody... More...
    moseiri's Picture   moseiri    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Super Store, Missauga

    I went to %u201CThe Brick Superstore at Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga to buy a bed set and I got it at good price . Next, I was looking for a mattress and spring box. The sales person dealt with me ,she called another expert from the mattress section. She asked a long list of questions( tried to prove that she is an expert ) she suggested the mattress for me that was not on floor so I was not able to try and feel how its suitable for my body.I told the lady that its not on floor so how you can suggest me , but she insisted to go with that mattress . So she gave that to me , delivered to me ,... More...
    beena786's Picture   beena786    0 Comments   Comments
  • Deeply disappointed

    I ordered a set of bunk beds off the at a sale price and the only way to get the sale price that was listed was to go pick up the bed at a distribution center which is 2 hours away. I was told the item was in stock and gave them a pick-up date. They gave me a confirmation number as well. My husband went to pick it up and there was one part of the bunk bed missing. I called back customer service online to tell them that it wasn't in stock so they tried locating another bed in the same city. They found a floor model and told me we could buy it but it would have to be 'as... More...
    jeananne19's Picture   jeananne19    0 Comments   Comments
  • Non delivery exchanged mattress

    I bought a mattress & box spring less than 2 weeks ago and had it was delivered as promised but I had to exchange it because it was uncomfortable. I purchased a different mattress and the salesman told me it was out of stock and would be delivered within 10 days. It has now been 10 days and still no mattress exchange. I called the Central City Brick in Surrey, BC and the salesman told me since they had a tent sale that weekend my mattress would be further delayed by another 2 weeks! I bought this mattress before there was any TENT SALE!!!!!! More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Mildred1959's Picture   Mildred1959    0 Comments   Comments
  • 9month old couches (leather) warranty complaint

    I bought a couch and love seat from the Brick in Gibsons BC in August 2014. I purchased the replacement warranty. 9 months later I noticed a small rip by the seam of the couch. I phoned the Brick in Gibsons BC and they said someone will come by and take a look. They tore the couch cushion back and ripped it even more. Before they came, it would have been a small repair job. Then they completely ruined it and now say it won't be covered because they believe it was my dog that caused it. I explained to them that my dogs are never unattendent and do not go on the furniture and besides the... More...
    danielahug's Picture   danielahug    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst Delivery Service & Customer Care

    Thirteen plus hours of waiting for a delivery one day and over 4 hours another day, and still no furniture! And this was for my 94 year old mother, who could not move into her retirement residence, because her bed was either on the truck, back at the warehouse, or in transit, but not where it should have been! My first - and last! - Brick shopping experience (Ashtonbee Road, Scarborough location) included lies, inflexibility, and a tremendous lack of integrity. Thank goodness for reputable stores like The Bay and Sleep Country, who actually take customer service seriously! More...
    mplg's Picture   mplg    0 Comments   Comments
  • sent wrong chadwick bed frame

    i took back the wrong item they sent me and i got it on sale at the time took it back they said it was all good they were getting the right onee ordered now then they say i have pay 150 dollars more for my purchase that i had already paid for theres some kind of fraud going on in fort mcmurray at the brick of riedel street i now have get a lawer to get my purchase because they kept my money to More...
    arnoldwilliam's Picture   arnoldwilliam    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Horrible Costumer Service

    I bought a sectional sofa from Brick at Heritage meadows, I called the costumer service on Monday and made arrangements for the delivery on Thursday and let them know that I will be working till 6 pm so delivery has to be after 6 pm. The costumer service representative said it clearly that they will deliver it between 6-9 pm on Thursday. I got an automatic phone call from their delivery service on Wednesday (only one day before delivery) that they scheduled me for Thursday 9-11 Am . I called the costumer service they said " We DON"T ACCEPT YOUR SCHEDULE, OUR DELIVERY DEPARTMENT... More...
    Figh's Picture   Figh    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Broken TV

    I recently purchased a Sofa,love seat and a 60" Sony Flat Screen TV. I received the TV on March 27th but did not open the Box until April 1st. Upon opening it discovered that the left side of screen was shattered, there was no damage on the outside or inside of the box just to the middle part of the left side of the TV screen.I contacted the Brick immediately and sent photos too. The reply from the customer service Manager was well you only have 3 days to let us know of any damages you're too late. I let her know I was not aware of this rule and she replied it's on our... More...
    Belladonna1's Picture   Belladonna1    0 Comments   Comments
  • No reply from store manager re sofa they can't repair

    I bought a sofa, 52" tv and lamps in November. Had to return the tTV for a smaller one in my price range because the TV was defective. 6 weeks after I bought the couch the cushions started sagging in the middle and one of the arms was clicking like it was broken. Took me 2 months to get the repair company in because they don't work evenings or weekends and I'm a single mom and can't afford to take time off work. Finally I made an appt. A week later The Brick called me to say they it couldn't be repaired and that they could take the sofa back and I could make... More...
    helpmebrick's Picture   helpmebrick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible Customer Service

    Have a washer and dryer set to be delivered. First of all, they don't even give you a timeline on when they will deliver it, just a date, and then they tell you you will get a call the day before. I never got a call the day before, I got a call the same day at 8am from the driver saying they will be delivering that same day between 12am-3pm. I told the driver that was ridiculous how I'm supposed to stop everything I'm doing so they can deliver. They didn't even give enough notice. I told the driver I will have to speak to the store first which doesn't open until... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    cappy1234's Picture   cappy1234    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bedroom furniture SUCKS!

    We bought a set on Boxing Day wasn't delivered until Jan 16 2015. Yesterday was exactly 2 months since we got it. I am 6 months pregnant and the king sized bed collapsed!!! While we were in it!!! The "support" boards and spindles FAILED and snapped in half! In order for us to be able to have a bed to sleep in last night my husband and I had to buy more wood and screws to fix it. We spent over $2000 on this set! NEVER EVER AGAIN will we buy any of their crappy furniture! I was lucky to have him home when it happened as he is a truck driver and was able to help me get... More...
    AKReimer's Picture   AKReimer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Need guidance ASAP!

    I need help asap! My boyfriend and I bought a mattress from the brick and wasn't satisfied with it and they did the exchange but now we are paying for the old matress and the new one! I'm so angry and not happy at all. Can someone please gel me or contact me on how to address this. We are now paying 2,500$ for two mattresses and only have one! First matress was icomfort a memory foam bed the second matress is called Serra and the price difference between the two 1,000$ yet we still have to pay 1,000$ on top of 1400$ of the new bed and that's excluding what we paid already More...
    brittany11's Picture   brittany11    0 Comments   Comments
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