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The Brick Reviews

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  • The Brick delivery--Beware!!

    We ordered our appliances at the Brick in Nanaimo to be delivered to Comox. They came when they said they would but were totally unprepared and unprofessional. They didn't have blankets or anything to protect the floors. We had placed cardboard in front of where the stove was to go, but they set the stove down on the newly laid hardwood floors instead and slid it 8"! The resulting gash is permanent, as we would have to tear up the new kitchen to relay the three boards. I will have to look at that everyday and remember those silly kids. We took a picture and sent it to the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    solana's Picture   solana    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brick delivered broken screen TV

    We purchased a smart TV in February from the brick and had it delivered to our house on March 12, 2014. The delivery men from the brick just dropped the TV and didn't open and set it up for us. For some reasons we just left the TV unopened sitting in our living room for about a week and a half. Then, we found out that there was a palm-sized dent on the screen of the TV in the middle of its top edge when we were trying to set up the TV on March 23, 2014. We immediately went to the brick store and told a male manager there that they delivered a damaged TV to us. We were told that... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    changxiaoxi's Picture   changxiaoxi    1 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service

    Customer service is terrible, tell you one thing and do another. Furniture gets delivered and there's damage to the furniture. When you call to ask or get something done they will do nothing. Even when you go to the store they have you waiting, this is totally unexceptable. Then they wonder why nobody wants to buy anything from them. When you have customers at your store that's cash money everytime. If you treat them like crap there not gonna come back if you keep them waiting there not gonna come back when word gets out, well I dont have to spell it out for you. Get your house in... More...
    curtis689's Picture   curtis689    0 Comments   Comments
  • Full circle warranty a complete waste of money!!Example: Sears broken washing machine

    Purchased all major appliances for our home a couple years back. Long story short washer started working poorly in Jan 2013 submitted a claim with warranty company with no reply to us. Then this week submitted a claim again as washer is working even worse and have spent countless hours each day on the phone with Brick in Halifax NS and with the joke company Trans Global with no satisfaction. The warranty company keeps telling us they will get back to us but have not and they have also told us there is no one in our area who is on their list of repair companies tobfix our washer this is... More...
    (Repair Services)
    Jon1984's Picture   Jon1984    0 Comments   Comments
  • Sold broken dishwasher

    On January 12, 2014 I purchased a dishwasher from the brick. The dishwasher was delivered by the brick on January 18, 2014. It was placed in the kitchen by the deliverymen, where it remains today. The machine has never worked - it leaks and never completes a cycle. There have been 3 visits by 2 different technicians, the last of whom found out that the machine had been damaged - either dropped or having something heavy placed on it. The damage was not in an obvious place - the technician had to rip away the liner to discover the damage. Now the Brick in Scarborough - at 19 William... More...
  • Really Bad

    The Brick has the worst delivery service I have ever seen. Had one time set for delivery through their service centre. Took day off work without pay after waiting almost a month for a simple recliner. Figuring had time of 9-12 delivery book freight elevator cuz live in apartment building, from 9-1 that day. they call that morning telling me the time will b 2-5, now freight elevator is booked that time now, told person on call n said speak manager n he never called back! Called store n they totally useless as said problem belongs to delivery department n little they can do but book another... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    Canmale's Picture   Canmale    0 Comments   Comments
  • Warranty not honoured

    I am writing to you on behalf of my mother. We have a recliner sofa and chair from the Brick. The sofa never worked properly but we managed. Then I remembered we bought extended warranty. Should have been a simple task to be able to schedule a repair. Unfortunately to my surprise the hotline for these services are a joke when my mother could not get through I tried calling thinking that it must have been some misunderstanding between her and the customer service Rep. WELL IT WAS NOT. I WAS SPOKEN TO RUDELY AND HUNG UP ON!!!! Finally weeks later they scheduled someone to come take pictures.... More...
    paolaanderson's Picture   paolaanderson    1 Comments   Comments
  • Bricks poor quality sofas futon chaise ets etc

    I purchased a art leather sectional sofa, when delivered it had a whole on the love seat, two scratched mark and a sharp nail underneath mid section, and it pierced my skin of my palm when I was moving to the wall. When I attached the love seat with chaise, the leg of love seat about 15 mm up the wood floor. That means bracket placement not measured correctly. I asked to exchange and they brought another set a week later, at a glance, that sofa and love seat will be rejected as its look, shrinked few places low stuffed seat, again when attached with chaise 20mm up the floor, I made a video... More...
    Altakimul's Picture   Altakimul    0 Comments   Comments
  • Is it worth losing so much business

    Bought a 3 piece leather sofa set from the Brick 3 years ago, after 6 months the 3 seater faded and was replaced (manufacturer 1 year warranty). Recently after 2 and half years the 2 seater has faded on one seat/side. The Brick said their 5 year warranty does not cover it, although we were advised by salesperson it covers everything, yes including fading. How a mis-selling complaint hasn't been started I don't know. Anyway, they don't want to know anything therefore they have lost not only one customer but the ones I tell to stay away, and the ones that they tell and so... More...
    Poolsadie's Picture   Poolsadie    0 Comments   Comments
  • 3x Very Poor & Disappointing Service Delivery Ethics from The Brick, South Common, Edmonton

    I bought a set of furniture from this store more than a month ago. Followed by a scheduled delivery a week after. Part of this 1st delivery was a default. So stuff had to be taken back. I tried calling the store but no answer. Drove there in person and complain about the default. The promised to reschedule another delivery. A week later, I heard a know at my front door, its was the Bricks delivery team. As the started offloading my supposed furniture off the truck, it turned out the damn store assigned the wrong set of furniture to their delivery team. Again, I drove to the store in... More...
    setff's Picture   setff    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ashtonbee rd scarborough Horrible service and non reiliable thiefs

    Bought a couch and bed three weeks before I needed them delivered on a specific day, which I needed them delivered cause that was the day I was moving and scheduled off work. and they promised that they would be there on that day. Called me the day before telling me id have to wait another couple days because my order was "out of the way" for that delivery schedule. They told me id have to pick it up at the warehouse. I rented a truck and picked them up, the store would give me a discount so I called head office and they told me they would get the store to refund my card of 300... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    rutter19883's Picture   rutter19883    1 Comments   Comments
  • broken tv

    have a Sony television with a in home warranty. The televisions volume will not work so i called the brick who directed me to phone trans global who is there affiliate who takes care of the warranties i told them what was wrong they said that the television cant be fixed at my house and that the need to pick it up and bring it in for repair. my problem with this is i am now without a television for up to 2 weeks, i purchased a in home warranty so this would not happen it should be if they cant fix it at my home then they should replace it not leave costumers without they product for a 2... More...
    (Repair Services)
    johnupset's Picture   johnupset    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick (Langley Location)

    We bought a brand new TV and a leather sectional. We are extremely happy with our purchase and not only that, but Cleveland Panting was the best sales rep. we have ever met. He was super friendly, understanding and considerate. I wish more sales rep. at the Brick were like him. He definitely has leadership-like qualities and deserves to be a manager. Because of our experience with Cleveland, we will recommend the Brick to all our family and friends. Thank you Cleveland, From Sashi & Prasad Family :) More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    ssprasad26's Picture   ssprasad26    0 Comments   Comments
  • Disabled for 2 years

    Please be advised I am keeping this Vague due to a pending settlement. I have been unable to work or care for my children for the past 2 years due to The Brick not putting their furniture together correctly.Was sitting on a bed when the slats that were not intended for that part of the bed shifted,one side of the bed fell to the ground and I suffered a bulging disc as a result. I have hired a lawyer and I am still suffering today after nearly 2 years of recovery.Please be careful when "trying" the furniture at The Brick. More...
    reallyhurt's Picture   reallyhurt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Avoid like the plague!!!!

    We bought a sofa at the Brick for $2500 on the 36 month no payment plan. When The Brick was with HSBC Financing we never had a problem. Ever since they switched to TD Financing it has been nothing but problems. They are useless, rude, don't care and hang up on clients. When The Brick switched from HSBC to TD financing we received the letter late in the mail due to a move. We accidentally made the payment to HSBC (On time) and they told us to contact our bank to make the arrangements to transfer to money to TD. We contacted BMO to make a payment transfer which took 20 days. When we... More...
    aleyp58's Picture   aleyp58    0 Comments   Comments
  • the Brick....and no delivery on products not purchased.

    On November 18, 2013, we purchased a chair, 3 seat sofa, recliner and footstool. We were told then that it would be 3 weeks before it could be delivered. We asked that it be delivered on Dec 20th instead of Dec 14th as they said as we would be out of town. Three days before it was to be delivered, they phoned and then asked if we needed it for Christmas. I said 'yes'. They then said that it was going to Dec 28th before they could deliver it. We agreed to that. Then when it didn't arrived we phoned and then told January 4th 2014. Yesterday January 16th, we went in and... More...
    stupidtelus's Picture   stupidtelus    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tried to return broken appliance

    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Ch1efb0ss's Picture   Ch1efb0ss    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken furniture

    Sept. 2013 received a leather sofa,loveseat and chair. The loveseat needs to be fixed. Complained in sept. Nothing done, complained in nov. They sent a repairman and he left after saying the mechanism is broke. My husband left another complaint and It is now jan 2014 and the loveseat Iis still broken. We bought the extended warranty and we are still waiting. This is not the first time this has happened with the brick but for sure it will be the last time as we will never buy from the brick Medicine Hat, ab. Ever again. More...
    grandma11111's Picture   grandma11111    1 Comments   Comments
  • Microwave

    We purchased an upgraded microwave from the Brick, as they had the appliance contract for the condo we were purchasing. When we arrived, it was there, but we were informed by the property management that it was going to be replaced and in a few days it was....we never knew why it was replaced. The replacement was installed with out a grill or turntable, making it unusable. In advising The Brick customer service of this, we requested parts be made available at the store and we would pick up, but this was brushed off, so we indicated that they be sent to site and the property manager be... More...
    craig6's Picture   craig6    1 Comments   Comments
  • WOW

    Good morning, My name is Phil Beaubien,my wife and I purchased a sofa,chair,coffee table,end table and cabinet 42 days ago,we paid cash,I am still waiting for all my items and as it stands it may be 46 days by the time everything is in,We have been customers for 10 years,buying everything for our home from the brick,this is absolutely unacceptable,46 days,really.Also parts of my shipment have come in and been sold on us,just to make the sale,I promise the brick that this will be the last purchase we will ever make from you,if it wasn't for my wife I would have come in for a full... More...
  • Bull****

    Good morning, My name is Phil ,my wife and I purchased a sofa,chair,coffee table,end table and cabinet 42 days ago,we paid cash,I am still waiting for all my items and as it stands it may be 46 days by the time everything is in,We have been customers for 10 years,buying everything for our home from the brick,this is absolutely unacceptable,46 days,really.Also parts of my shipment have come in and been sold on us,just to make the sale,I promise the brick that this will be the last purchase we will ever make from you,if it wasn't for my wife I would have come in for a full refund... More...
    beaubeau's Picture   beaubeau    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unsatisfactory furniture and follow-up customer service

    I recently purchased some bedroom furniture from one of the Brick Superstores located at 20 Ashtonbee Road in Scarborough. After it was delivered I noticed that there were many flaws and that the overall quality of the furniture was not the same as the set that was displayed in the store. I brought this to the store's attention within 2 days and they promised to exchange some of the items the next week. This process became a "nightmare" of "lousy" and ineffective customer service, poor workmanship by the installation team and one of the most horrible shopping... More...
  • customer service

    I am disgusted with the lack of customer service received at the South Common store. My husband and I entered the store to view a couple of appliances and were not approached. Upon leaving the store we noticed several employees lounging on a sofa conversing over a previous sports game. My husband made a comment to them regarding how they made a bad impression with their appearance and received a rude response by an employee. We will never return to an establishment. It's unfortunate that there is management for performance reviews. Many of these people should not be working in such an... More...
  • Totally disgusted with the customer service-RE; choosing bed

    Recently I went to The Brick to get assistance with choosing a mattress and box spring. This was my first time going alone to choose a bed alone. I required estimates for a bed but I have no knowledge about beds, both times I was left to my devices. I became more frustrated on my last visit when a woman with her kids received assistance. Apparently, it seems like their is a different standard set for a family as apposed to a woman on social assistance. I felt very angry and demeaned, I also felt discriminated, To make matter worse, as I was leaving after expressing my disapproval, a... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • The Brick - Terrible Horrible Awful

    If you can avoid this store, please do at all costs. We went in the second week of November to purchase a couch and chair. We had been having a lot of trouble finding a couch I found comfortable. Luckily (or so we thought) that day we found a couch there that I really liked. We also found a chair that we really liked, with customizable options. So we made our purchase, and were told that the couch would arrive on November 15th (the following week), and the chair, being custom made, would arrive much later, on December 18th. We were okay with this. However, November 15th rolled around, and... More...
    moswald's Picture   moswald    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Terrible Delivery or Lack thereof

    Purchased a new mattress set over a week ago in store. Since we live in the "county", there is only one delivery date. Since my husband and I both work, we would not be home during delivery and it was arranged with the sales rep that delivery would call my cell phone a half hour before delivery so I can leave work and drive home to open up. It was noted on our receipt and when I called to confirm delivery 4 days prior to the date, I reconfirmed that I would be called on my CELL half hour before they showed up at the door. Delivery day comes and low and behold, no call on my... More...
    Rimotat's Picture   Rimotat    1 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Merchandise is Horrible and so are the Delays

    I ordered an 8 piece dinette set July 20, 2013. Five out of the 8 pieces were nicked, scratched, missing varnish, had gobs or streaks of varnish etc. Very, very poor quality. Had to talk to several different customer service people before I could reach the manager. Even wrote a letter to head office in Edmonton, which no one has bothered to acknowledge. I have had 4 exchange attempts and for the last two, the pieces weren't even sent as the Brick staff inspected them on-site and found them to be damaged. It is now November and I don't even have a complete, good set. The... More...
    NothinGud's Picture   NothinGud    0 Comments   Comments
  • deceptive advertising

    BRICK- FORT ST JOHN CANADA bought bed set for said 30% discount off listed price. received on time except no one has called to set up as paid for..... Next week they have a 50% Mattress sale on Mattress over $780. so I find a Mattress listed at about $850. in big red letters above says 50% off any mattress over $780. Try to sell warranty which I decline. I have a $220 brick card from previous purchase. (1) I have to fight for just to buy Mattress as they want to sell me the complete set. They give in on that point. (2) then when they go to ring in sale comes to over $1000. How is this... More...
    horriblehank's Picture   horriblehank    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Delays and Lack of Care!

    We purchased 6 dining room chairs on September 21, 2013 from The Brick in Peterborough. We were told they would be a few weeks. Never had a call or status update from the salesman, David Witt the entire time%u2026 We called weekly to get a status. Sure he loved the commission! Finally picked them up from The Brick in Peterborough on October 21/22nd. Assembled on the 25th, 4 out of the 6 were assembled. The two which could not be assembled came from the same box, and could not line up the back and the bottom of the chair. I called the store to see what could be done and was told by... More...
    amre2u's Picture   amre2u    0 Comments   Comments
  • Untimely delivery and poor customer service at The Brick in Regina

    My husband and I own a rental property in which we are obligated to provide certain amenities to our tenants. When or washer and dryer needed to be replaced we searched around quite a bit. We found a nice set at The Brick in the East end of Regina, which happened to be on sale. When we asked when it would arrive in store we were told 4 days later. We are from out of town and arranged to come and pick the set up a week later, giving them an extra 3 days to come in. When we arrived, we were told they ordered the wrong set and they would be in a week later. A week later we came back into... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    nicoleberos's Picture   nicoleberos    0 Comments   Comments
  • Defective mattress

    Just looking on here and I'm wondering why a company of your stature is renowned for horrible customer service? I purchased a mattress there for my son in January and by April the springs were coming up through. I called the local store here in Ft Mac and delivered the necessary paperwork to have it replaced but it conveniently went missing.. 3 times. I submitted the fourth one and 6 and a half months later the warranty dept. Shows up and takes pics and tells me there are stains on the mattress.. No warranty.... Well had you have showed up when the mattress was in stellar condition, it... More...
    Tagger's Picture   Tagger    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad Quality

    We were told by the salespeople at the Brick that the genuine leather couch (Marisa)we were purchasing was the best quality and a great investment. Well ,when it was delivered it had a huge dent in the bottom and the fabric covering the underneath part was ripped to shreds. We decided to let this minor stuff go. What really upset us, was after only a couple of months the leather appears to be rubbing off! I can't explain it other than our couch has patches of a much lighter colour then the chocolate it originally came in. it looks terrible! my husband and I are pretty sure its not real... More...
    MRoyson31's Picture   MRoyson31    2 Comments   Comments
  • False mesurement !!!

    It%u2019s a shame to give wrong information about furniture ...I bought the Mellow Microsuede Chaise w/Feather Pillow-Top - Coffee at the Brick...the dimension on your website was Dimensions: 72" (W) x 41" (D) x 36" (H) Item Code: MELLOW-CH...Oh !! what a surprise when I pick up my chaise to see the dimension pass the 41%u2019%u2019 at 29%u2019%u2019 !!! maybe you can explain me how the chaise can shrink like that...The reason why I bought it was because 41%u201D !!! and now...the store told me the can%u2019t do nothing about that...just like when I ordered a fridge and... More...
    wanni's Picture   wanni    1 Comments   Comments
  • Broken Box Spring

    My box spring broke on My bed. I got theMattresses set last year in July. I was not inform by the Brick that I needed special supports for this Box spring. When we had the guy come to check on our mattresses he told us we needed a new Box spring but they would not replace it because we did not have the supports for the mattresses. We have had the same bed and supports for the pass 30 years and never had a problem with the bed before.I am so disappointed My mattresses is now starting to stag in the middle. It is so uncomfortable I will not buy anything from the Brick again. More...
    vicdad's Picture   vicdad    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tried to return unused box spring

    After purchasing a new house, my husband and I went to the brick to buy a king mattress and box spring. After getting our bed a week later, we realized that we did not need the box spring as it was built in. We were told when we purchased the mattress that if our bed did not allow for a box spring that we could return it. When I called the store to inquire about bringing it back the sales associate informed me that I could not bring it back because the plastic wrapping had been removed (keep in mind, all of the tags were still on it and it had never been used). I tried calling The Brick... More...
    madincalgary's Picture   madincalgary    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrendous customer service warranty is a scam! DO NOT SHOP HERE!

    I had bought all my furniture from the Brick in one visit (bedroom, living room, etc). They sold their furniture warranty really hard to me and promised to reduce the price of my furniture if we got the warranty. So I ended up getting the 5 year blanket warranty - BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! Less than a year later I accidentally had gotten some stains on my couch and contacted the warranty department to get the stains removed or the couches replaced. They advised me that the brick considers a stain one which the customer has tried to get "professionally removed" at THIER OWN EXPENSE!... More...
    SDRSBR's Picture   SDRSBR    0 Comments   Comments

    MOHAMMEDGODA's Picture   MOHAMMEDGODA    1 Comments   Comments
  • Very disappointed in the way I was treated.

    First off.. I have purchased every piece of furniture I own from the brick. I recently went to the brick sunridge ..seeing that I'm a loyal costumer at this place I wanted to buy my new washer and dryer from there.. I found a set that i really wanted, and i saw the same set at future shop. Future shop had a deal going on so I decided to see if the brick would match it before I went back to future shop to purchase them. The sales man seemed absolutely certain that his manager would be able to match the price so he went to chat with him. Minutes later I noticed the sales man laughing... More...
    Maddiebelat's Picture   Maddiebelat    1 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Sunridge location and worst customer service

    I bought living room and bedroom furniture from The Brick, 3451 Sunridge Way NE, Calgary location. They charged me more than the actual amount. It took me over 2 months to fix it. I went to the store 4 times, every time I was told it would be done, but never happened. I talked to Operations Manage, Mr Mika Dragoescu, later I sent him emails. But no resolution. Finally yesterday I went again and got it done. I bought many things and that's why I was keeping track of the total amount. But what if I wouldn't have done it? Thats how they charge people and make profit? And why did I... More...
    shaikhahmed's Picture   shaikhahmed    0 Comments   Comments
  • The brick Kelowna is run by kids

    Don't ever buy anything from this place the brick in Kelowna They need professional management team cause the sounds of it Seems like they have no idea what there doing they lie say they do something and They don't . Apparently they came to my door today but I didn't hear a knock or the door bell Or a phone call , I have company coming tomorrow I needed my couch by today Now they can't deliver my couch till tomorrow it has taken them 3 days to bring this couch What ever happened to keeping your customers happy?? They clearly have no concept to this !!!' More...
    Nicolebibeau's Picture   Nicolebibeau    0 Comments   Comments
  • the brick very bad for shipping on time

    bought a bed 3 weeks ago was suppose to be here in 2 days called wasn't in they said next week so i called still nothing now they say it will be next week there shipping sucks very bad management not happy at all with this store they lie about everything and have no clue whats going on never depend on them to be on time what a waste of a store not worth anyones time to shop there hope they loose lots of money and business More...
    IImahinII's Picture   IImahinII    0 Comments   Comments

The Brick Reviews By Product


The Brick Comments

ambro says: (8 months ago)
Worse furniture store around. I will never shop at any brick store again. Totally useless and very rude. Worse customer service staff ever. They give you the run around and could not care about their customers. You spend thousands of dollars and they treat you like crap. I was warned about not to purchase anything from the brick and did not listen to my friends....biggest mistake, it will never happen again. A company not worth two cents.

Jacobm says: (9 months ago)
I purchased a dinette set in 2011 & a 5 year warrenty. Last week I notice that the table top is bubbling so I sent the brick an email. They asked for pictures so I sent those too but the requested other pictures because they claim they couldn't see the bubble. After several emails back & forth I decided to call them. I spoke to a young lady that looked at the pictures & told me she was going to call the store where I purchased it & order me a replacemt for today July 26th. So we got the table ready for exchange but I noticed that thebrick hadn't called me yet to arrange an exchange time. So I called the warranty dept. & was told that there was no order. I asked to speak to a manager the lady on the line said she is a manager. So I told her that I wanted my table by today or the next day.she told me the earliest would be Tuesday next week I told her that that was unexceptable. I told her that I wasn't happy. Just I I told her that she hung up on me. I then called the store to see if someone could help me there, I asked to speak with a manager & I was told that there wasn't one there & I said how can there not be a manager in the whole store. She then told me the manager was with someone but I could leave a message so I did & I still didn't get a call back. The message was very discriptive. I then decided to call the warranty dept. back & spoke to someone else not the lady that hung up on me & had my number but never called me back. This lady apologized for her co-worker. Told me she could have someone do the exchange on Tuesday. I told her to set that up. She suggested I complain in a form of an email. So there you have it. Bad really bad customer service. If there weren't able to deliver the table today they should have told md that several days ago.

kihio says: (11 months ago)
I saw a freezer at the BRICK on sale. Good pice. So I go buy 1. The salesman says that it will be in town on the truck sunday,delivery on tuesday.I say cool that will work. He tells me to call and verify the arrival and confirm the delivery. I do. The girl says that the manufacturer has delayed delivery by 3 weeks. Hmm. I go to a local store. They undercut the price,and I got delivery in 1 day.Nice tag line. I found someone that BEATS THE BRICK. fyi same freezer,same model. cheaper,faster.have a nice day Brick

Marc410 says: (1 year ago)
Massive Delivery let down from The Brick today:
Pre-arranged 12-4 delivery window with the Brick over a week and a half in advance.
Reserved elevator and someone to be present.
Voicemail from driver on delivery day 730am confirming 10-1pm window.
Called customer service - doesn't open til 9am.
Called 901am, advised impossible delivery, Cust service advised driver knows elevator window.
Get call from driver at 1050am - I adv'd I would have someone call within minutes and to stay there.
Arranged person calls driver immediately and agrees to meet within 10 minutes.
Driver leaves and does not wait 10 minutes. Rescheduling is definitely 4+ days away.
Although I was very clear on time frames, as I needed to be for the elevator book - it's our fault for not being there.

Loreine says: (1 year ago)
No comments

Andy02 says: (2 years ago)
Why would someone buy something online? Simple answer is to get it as soon as possible. Forget about it if you buy something from You will never know until you buy something from Brick that it takes about 40 days to arrive. You think when you give them your credit card information, you will receive items, but that's not true for Brick.
I received a call and they didn't even left me a message. I searched number in internet and found reviews saying that they call you and if you don't confirm, they discard your order. Then I called that number. It goes to a VM box asking to call another number and it also say we don't check Voice messages.
I called this new number and a very rude customer service lady answered. She didn't want to even listen to me. I spent over $ 5000 to buy these Crap.
Then they put a delivery date after 37 days. Finally when you get your order, items are missing and you have to fix them yourself. After few months, you notice that those items are not in good quality.
Third world countries have better customer service than Brick.
Bottom line: They advertise that you don't have to pay 15 months, but that's another trap. You have to get their high interest credit card. Nice advertisements and shows reasonable prices, but DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO BUY CRAP FROM BRICK.

bricksucks says: (2 years ago)
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!! I was left without a dishwasher for 2 months and the CS is rude !

Dlbc says: (2 years ago)
We ordered a leather couch set on Wednesday from The Brick in Ottawa East end . Not the first time we have ordered there. We never have a problem with the quality or the service and this is why we continue to shop at this location.
It came on time as usual two days later. . Besides the delivery guys being a bit rude , delivery went well. When we inspected it later ,we realized some of the threads were loose. We called customer service and within mins of explaining the problem they scheduled a delivery of a new couch for us on the next delivery day.. Today.
Delivery went well, the delivery guys were polite and extremely helpful and we have a perfect couch. All this in one week. I couldnt be happier.
Perhaps the problems I am reading about here are the locations... Or the fact that people only like to complain when there is a problem and feel no need to compliment when they are happy.

marciax0x0 says: (2 years ago)
If I had known before purchasing my furniture from the brick that they were hard to deal with, careless of their customers and disrespectful I would never have purchased anything from them (Dundas st Mississauga, Ontario Location). I am extremely upset and disappointed with their poor customer service. When i first purchased my furniture and electronics from the brick they harassed my husband and I about getting warranty and spent the whole time explaining to us the pros of getting warranty. I wish they had explained to us the cons instead. A year later, my mattress was already ruined springs coming out through the sides and our leather "SOFA" had ware and tear so we called trans global their warranty people and they came over to check out the furniture. Few weeks later I received a call from the brick location I purchased my furniture from and they said i could go ahead and re select the "SOFA" and they would just give me another mattress. (which i never asked why i couldn't re select it myself) Must I add that on the day the woman called me from the brick to make my re selection she only gave me a number of how much to spend and didn't explain what it consisted of. I then called a few more times before going to re select to make sure everything was indeed how they stated on the first call and let me tell you I called at least 5 times and I got 5 different answers. One of the questions was "With the left over money from the re selection of my "SOFA" can i purchase something else?" The answer was yes and I went a head and bought a microwave. This happened on Sunday so on Wednesday I received my "SOFA" , mattress and microwave. The delivery guys took back the defected "SOFA" and the mattress. A few hours later I received a nasty call from Natalie the manager at the location this is how it went. "Hi so and so who was home at the time of the delivery and why didn't the love seat go back?" EXCUSE ME!! no one talks to a paying good customer like that. Moving on I found out that the re selection credit given to me included the love seat. As you can see while reading this I quoted and cap the word "SOFA" for a reason, the love seat was never mentioned in any of my conversations with the Representatives. I understand that I got a microwave as an extra but I wish someone at the brick had notified me of what my credit consisted of. Now they claim if i don't give back the extra or if i don't give back the love seat or don't pay it will be given to collections. Now the brick ignores my call and emails, I'm always getting transferred and having to explain myself again and again and when I do leave messages they don't get returned. The brick is ignoring the fact that they are at fault for not explaining to the customer the terms of the credit. OH and by the way the nasty woman on the phone told me I should have known what the credit consisted of and they didn't have to explain. WOW WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS! THE PRICKS LOVE TO RIP OFF OTHERS BUT WHEN IT ACCIDENTLY HAPPENS TO THEM THEY DON'T LIKE IT. One of my missions in life now is to make sure everyone I know is informed not to shop at the brick!!!

Disgrunted says: (3 years ago)
I bought a brand new Whirlpool side by side from The Brick in Windsor, and paid in cash, a week later the fridge stopped working , well i phoned The Brick and they gave me the # for their repair company, I had to phone myself, only to find put they were too bussy and it would take a week to get someone out , they in turn gave me the # for Whirlpool , i phoned That Company and they sent a repairman out the same day!! It turned out to be a manufactures defect! So the repairman reported this to Whirlpool, and they agreed to replace it fully!! I phoned the Brick twice more only to be told they had to get approval from Whirlpool. I again phoned Whirlpool and they sent a fax to THE Brick , well i phoned the Brick the next day to inquire about this S, She told me ONLY I could get permission from Whirlpool to get a replacement, I informed her the fax was sent in the day before and what time it came in. She said imediatly i'll phone you right back! She phoned me back to tell me the paper work was all finished , and they had phoned me the day before that they called me to set up a time for delivery; I told her NO you did NOT i have call display and call waiting and was home all day , she quickly set up delivery for two days later!! THE BRICK has lied ,and made ME do all the work to get replacement fridge!!! I'll NEVER buy anything there again. BUT i do Give WHIRLPOOL credit for the great sevice They gave me! THE BRICK (BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE)....

Trinity2ca says: (3 years ago)
The Brick - 1607 Dundas St E, Miss, Ontario

August 20th - visited this location and was IMMEDIATELY approached by "Rawji". By the end of my visit he had sold me a fireplace and mattress (while bashing his counter-part at the Mavis location, advising me that they had ripped me off on my previous purchases....he referred to you Lennox). The delivery was scheduled for Sept 2nd as teh house is being remodelled and therefore was vacant until September. The delivery people showed up (un-announced) on August 27th, they called me to advise me they were waiting outside and I was therefore forced to make a special trip up to let them in. Upon inspection of the fireplace, it was evident they had sent the incorrect pieces (the wrong doors). I called them to let them know and they advised they would have someone bring the correct doors out on Aug 31st. On that day (for which arrangements were made for soneone to wait for them), they cancelled and re-booked - (without my knowledge) for the 1st. On this day, they called (not just the wrong number BUT showed up at the wrong house!). I contacted the store and was "greeted " by a RUDE female " Denise" (who has no business answering the phone to paying customers) and requested to speak with the manager since RAWJI was left 4 messages NONE of which were returned. I spoke with "Vicki" who reviewed the information and acknowledged the comedy of errors within their organization but offered no apology. She advised they would simply reset the delivery for Friday night. I later (having still not heard back from Rawji) took it upon myself to call and finally got him on the line. His only explanation for not calling back at all over the previous 4 days was simply that " he was busy ". I explained the litany of mistakes they made (anticipating not just an apology but some sort of offering)....NONE of which was provided and actually received an attitude from this guy (now that he had his sale from me). He proceeded to ask me " what I wanted " and said " there's no money to give ". He then told me he had to go since he was dealing with customers and when I requested he transfer me to his manager.....he hung up on me! I have left a message for the manager and am awaiting her call.

Sherry03 says: (3 years ago)
The brick does not follow through with what they promise on their warranties.Have been dealing with what I call a big sink hole in the middle of my sectional,their techs say normal wear and tear???? Also was told by one tech that they use "cheap chinese foam" thats the problem, he should have checked out my last name before making that comment. I have had to be the one calling and emailing them,absoulutley no customer service at all. I finally talked to the store manager Paul Dyer from central city in surrey after 2 months and no he wasnt rude but oh so very condensending.

Sherry03 says: (3 years ago)
The brick does not follow through with what they promise on their warranties.Have been dealing with what I call a big sink hole in the middle of my sectional,their techs say normal wear and tear???? Also was told by one tech that they use "cheap chinese foam" thats the problem, he should have checked out my last name before making that comment. I have had to be the one calling and emailing them,absoulutley no customer service at all. I finally talked to the store manager Paul Dyer from central city in surrey after 2 months and no he wasnt rude but oh so very condensending.

SayNoToTheBrick says: (4 years ago)

The after sales service is HORRIBLE. They trick you to buy the extended warranty on furniture. When it comes to repair, they'll delay it, never return calls, put you on hold forever, asking manager etc, ask for quote from their supplier and never get back to you for weeks, all sorts of reasons for trying not to fulfill the warranty.

bricklover says: (4 years ago)
I bought around 9000 dollars from the brick to furnish my house around 4 years ago. I have a wonderful experience. The sales person was very friendly and told be she would have everything delivered exactly a month later. I took the day off and got eveyone out of my house to prepare for the new stuff. I got a call in the morning telling my what time they would be there. They arrived right on time, were very friendly, and set everything up in a timely matter. I had nothing damaged and to this day 4 years later i still have no problems.

mikeyd says: (5 years ago)
On Aug 15th my husband and I purchased a sofa and love-seat from the Peterborough Brick store. The first two sofas were damaged.

Last Thursday Sept 17th the third sofa was delivered, it too was damaged, I phoned the Peterborough store speak to *****, as she was had been helping us deal with the problem, she wasn't in until the Saturday. I phoned back and asked to speak to a manager, I was put on the phone to Dave. I started to explain the situation, but he interrupted and said he was putting me on hold, as he was busy with other customers. I told him I thought that he was rude but he put me on hold anyway !! Upon returning to the phone, I again started to explain the situation, and said that maybe we should have put the furniture on deferred for fifteen months instead of paying for it upfront, he interrupted at one point and said "Well you got money off it, didn't you//" I told him the set had been reduced further in the sale, and that was the credit we were given. I'm not sure if he was implying that we had money off , to keep a damaged sofa. At another point he interrupted and said" Well you have the sofa in your home , don't you ??". We have a second damaged sofa in our home, covered over, waiting to be returned, the third one didn't make it past the front door, the delivery men suggested I inspect it on the driveway, it had been previously opened and had a slit in the leather on the left hand side.
Finally after a couple of interruptions I said" Can I finish what I'm saying??" to which his answer was "No!!"

At this point, I told him that I had found ***** and **** from his store very helpful, but that I found him very rude and arrogant, and that I didn't want to talk to him, I would phone back next day and talk to someone else.

I realize managers are busy, but should maintain a certain level of professionalism. I felt I was treated with disrespect, and that he had no interest in soling the issue.

kelson001 says: (5 years ago)
On September 25, 2008 I purchased (Saleorder Number 09258440527‏), from the Scaborough SuperStore, a living-room set. I paid $1200 in cash for two sofas, tables and two lamps. To date I have received everything except for the lamps.

I think that it's absolutely rediculous that I would have to wait three months for the delivery of items that have been bought and paid for. Initial delivery dates had been established for the delivery of the lamps and every time, 4-5 times in total, those delivery dates had been pushed back. At this point the superstore is unable to determine when, if ever, those lamps will be delivered to me.

I had called The Brick's customer service department yesterday and the representative suggested that I go to The brick's web site and select replacement lamps. I thought this was a great idea. I selected the replacement lamps and I called the superstore to inform them of the change. I was informed that there was a price difference between the replacement lamps and the lamps I originally ordered; as a result I had to pay $56. I simply cannot believe, after the money I've already spent and the time I've waited, that The Brick would attempt to squeeze another $56 from me.

The Brick speaks loudly about their 'commitment to provide an enjoyable shopping experience' but you do nothing to display such commitment to your customers when difficulties are experienced. The simple fact is this: I entered into an agreement with The Brick. I did so under the assumption that the goods I purchased would be delivered to me within a reasonable period of time (a right, I believed, is accorderd under the Consumer Protection Act). Three months is definitely NOT a reasonable period of time. If The Brick cannot provide me the goods we agreed upon, within a reasonable period of time, then you should offer me a replacement for those items, at NO additional cost.

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