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The Brick Reviews

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  • alternative stores

    I've had such bad experience with the bricks customer service that i started looking for some other locations for furniture. i highly recommend going to kennedy and lawrence (head north on kenney). basically a strip of furniture stores that were decently priced and were much better in terms of dealing with customers. I also found this store on kingston and galloway called mude furniture that carried the same stuff as the other stores but at a better price. they actually price matched what i found on kennedy and lawrence and on top of that gave me a 10% discount. i highly recommend them! More...
    Johnyboy's Picture   Johnyboy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bedroom furniture SUCKS!

    We bought a set on Boxing Day wasn't delivered until Jan 16 2015. Yesterday was exactly 2 months since we got it. I am 6 months pregnant and the king sized bed collapsed!!! While we were in it!!! The "support" boards and spindles FAILED and snapped in half! In order for us to be able to have a bed to sleep in last night my husband and I had to buy more wood and screws to fix it. We spent over $2000 on this set! NEVER EVER AGAIN will we buy any of their crappy furniture! I was lucky to have him home when it happened as he is a truck driver and was able to help me get... More...
    AKReimer's Picture   AKReimer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Need guidance ASAP!

    I need help asap! My boyfriend and I bought a mattress from the brick and wasn't satisfied with it and they did the exchange but now we are paying for the old matress and the new one! I'm so angry and not happy at all. Can someone please gel me or contact me on how to address this. We are now paying 2,500$ for two mattresses and only have one! First matress was icomfort a memory foam bed the second matress is called Serra and the price difference between the two 1,000$ yet we still have to pay 1,000$ on top of 1400$ of the new bed and that's excluding what we paid already More...
    brittany11's Picture   brittany11    0 Comments   Comments
  • 3 piece sofa set

    3 piece sofa set purchased 3years ago, Aug 2012...still under 5 year warranty, I spent $4808.95 in total at that time. Queen mattress, tv with stand, kitchen dinette + 3 piece sofa set (Angus recliing chair, loveseat & sofa). I have tried to maintain it in good condition, but it has started to flake, bubble up and tearing looks tattered and old. Very disappointed in this product..cost was about $1999.97 with angus tv package. The Confirm#223207 placed on my couch was inspected on Feb 21, 2015 and the Brick will repair it. But I called back asking if I could speak to someone about... More...
  • The Brick destroyed couches in less than 2 years

    I purchased a couch and matching love seat about a year and a half ago, Granted i went for the fake leather which was probably a bad call on my part. Now, a year and a half later the two couches are ruined. All the fake leather is cracked and it looks like a 20 year old couch. Not to mention the seams completely ripping in multiple places. Contacted the Brick and they had nothing to say but too bad so sad because it was out of warrant. I asked that they didn't feel the need to stand behind their products when being i n such ruins after short little time, answer was no. I actually was... More...
    JustinY's Picture   JustinY    0 Comments   Comments
  • It's like getting conned by this company.

    I've ordered a fridge from the brick for our new house. A month before moving they phoned us when the exact move in will happen. Told them Dec 3/14 then a couple of days before move in, they said that the fridge is not stock and they have to order it in. Almost a month that we didn't have a fridge and we used the garage as a cooler. When they delivered the fridge, the delivery guys said that space for the fridge is a little small that we have to get our builder to fix it, in short, they were not able to install the appliance. The builder got a piece of the baseboard out of the... More...
    (Delivery Services)
    ceciliocruz's Picture   ceciliocruz    0 Comments   Comments
  • there is no warranty

    we bought a set of king mattress from the brick last year , they made us buy the most expensive frame to make our warranty not only 15 but a life time .3000 dollars later we got it , away from the BRICK. the right side of the mattress sinked after a month .obviously with the life time warranty in hans we called them . 2 months later a very nice guy from brick comes and inspect the mattress and told us that it is defective ,and in 3 days they are going to exchange it for us.2 months later a very rude guy calls us and demand a 2nd inspection (he was from Simmons ) he said they don,t... More...
    siakohan's Picture   siakohan    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick Extended Warranty

    We purchased the extended warranty on our Appliances and they said if you don't put in a claim after 5 years you get that money back to put towards another purchase in the store....Great!!! Of course they don't tell you is they DO NOT let you know when your 5 years is up and its YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to contact them after 5 years to claim that claim free warranty because it expires 90 days after the anniversary delivery date. This is only one issue of a few with the warranty at The Brick. Don't ever get extended warranty all the way around they will always find a way not to pay. More...
    mcgoo3's Picture   mcgoo3    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Quality

    We bought a set of Tyson Reclining chairs that had numerous problems - but we bought the 5 year warranty blanket which apparently covered everything. So, they gave us our money back and let us choose a different couch. We chose a sectional with storage ottoman and paid again, for the 5 year warranty blanket. Within two months of the new sectional being in our home, it started to sag, get all pitted, and looked like a ten year old sofa that needed to be replaced. I called the warranty and had them come in to try and shave the couch. The guy told me he would order fabric to replace it -... More...
    precious24's Picture   precious24    0 Comments   Comments
  • Mattress Warranty Issues

    We bought a $2500 mattress. Within 4 years the mattress sunk 2.5 inches and it was like sleeping on a hammock. We called to register our complaint and the girl at the Brick told us that we had to fill out forms and that they would email them to us and that we would have to fax them back. We agreed. 3 weeks later, still no email. We called back and the next girl at the Brick told us that customs haven't had to fill out forms in years and that the first girl had misinformed us. She took our complaint and 3 weeks later a technician showed up at our home and inspected the mattress... More...
    dillon's Picture   dillon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Damaged Fridges

    Worst customer Service ever. Managers don't return phone calls, you actually have to go down to the store even then your lucky if you get to speak with someone who can help you. They have delivered us TWO damaged fridges! They brought us fridge #3 today and went to the WRONG ADDRESS!? We have lost hundreds of dollars in wages just waiting for them to deliver yet another damaged fridge. Very unsatisfied with this business and will not be returning. I would rather spend my money elsewhere at a business that actually appreciates our business!! More...
    MeganLinfitt's Picture   MeganLinfitt    0 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible service at The Brick on the 40 est (St- Charles)

    I called to asked if they had a certain coffee table in their show room, I am from Ottawa and don't wanna go all the way to Montreal if they don't. The first person answers me and then transfers me 5 times to different people who kept on transferring me and the last person who answered the phone told me in a rude way "What do you want". Then my husband who was in Montreal went to their location because I had decided I didn't want to be helped by phone anymore, he goes and ask for a better price for the 3 items and the sales associate kept on trying to sell him... More...
    mn052012's Picture   mn052012    0 Comments   Comments
  • mattress

    We bought our mother a mattress they said it comes with a box spring we didnt need one so theyll through in a matt cover. The bill show the cost of the cover and the sales guy said that it wasn't charged to us but it was. we go back they take it off the bill said itll be in her account but it wasnt and the total still had the same amount. We go back for a total refund after they told us we had to pay for the cover we asked for all our money back. They refused to said it was a special order. This idem was in stock and we never pick it up and was not a spacial order they had put that on... More...
    blmorris1044's Picture   blmorris1044    0 Comments   Comments
  • the brick extra financial charges

    my son moved out to calgary to start his life, wanted to do things on his own, bought a bed, couch and TV on no [pay for 18 months credit at the brick we would talk about finances a lot and he told me that he had 18 months to pay off the brick, but then he said the amount on the bill went up each month. he thought it was the interest amount if he did not pay with in the 18 months.which i have seen before. When i went to visit him we looked at the bill and saw that they had gotten him to sign up for credit insurance which meant if he was laid off they would cover the payment. which is crazy... More...
    nheinric's Picture   nheinric    0 Comments   Comments
  • No return policy

    I have not one 2 but 3 issues with brick overall in my life.. this is the recent one .. I bought Chaise (i didnt want to buy it but had to use my credit ) the guy insisted me to buy waranty as it is improved(didnt beleive didnt buy Thanks God) received it in 2 3 days the spring broke.. caled the company they said have no return policiy// omg neways they only offered me 120 I paid 245 or replacement// Brick sucks never buying from brick again in my life More...
    ishigryq's Picture   ishigryq    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - Mattress In Stock??

    I was doing research to find myself a brand new mattress and found that The Brick had the best sale out of 4 mattress stores. Last night I had gone to The Brick in Woodbridge and got assistance from a lady name Sharmala. You can tell she only wanted to make a sale as my questions that I was asking were brushed off and short-answered. She had told us this certain mattress was in fact in stock, ready to go and that it would be delivered within 2 or 3 days. I find out this morning that the mattress in fact was NOT in stock and now I have to wait a week or so. I was lied to and not aware of... More...
    lyssv12's Picture   lyssv12    0 Comments   Comments
  • Brada Broken washer

    I bought a Brada washer from the Brick July 2013 from the Brick on Clarence in Saskatoon. I was asked if I wanted the extended warranty. I asked if I qualified because I live 30 minutes on a major highway East of Saskatoon. The sales person told me I did and there was no problem. My Brada washer broke 3 weeks ago. It will not rinse. So I went to the Brick on Clarence in Saskatoon and told them I needed a repair person. They gave me the warranty number. I phoned the warranty and gave them my information. I got a phone call two days later in which this same person said that their was no... More...
    (Repair Services)
    washer3120's Picture   washer3120    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lies. Full 5yr blanket coverage is waste of money.

    I bought Full 5yr blanket coverage along with my furnitures. At the time,the salesman said if ANYTHING happened to your furniture , you are covered. I called them about the veneer that pills off on one side of my dining table. First time the guy asked me to send pictures. I did and nothing happened . after a month I called them back the lady was nice and she tried to order a replacement. But suddenly at the end she told me that my colleagues saw your picture and there is some scratches as well as the damage that you mentioned so the warranty is voided!!! I have problem my bed's leg and... More...
    azsh1985's Picture   azsh1985    0 Comments   Comments
  • Worst service I have ever received!!!!

    I will never again buy from the Brick. I bought a mattress set that was suppose to be delivered to me on January 3 but the store messed up and didn't put that date in and we reschedule for January 6 and it was during a time I could not be home so now I will be waiting until January 10 because of a mistake the Brick made. This is a horrible store and I will never do business with them again. They are so inconsiderate!! More...
    Mandyyyyyy's Picture   Mandyyyyyy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lies

    My Girlfriend and I had to get our couch delivered to Jasper. We bought a sectional on December 3rd and were told that we would be receiving our furniture on December 30th. 2 Weeks go by and the Brick calls us up and says that our couch will be arriving on December 17th. December 17th came along and the couch never arrived. Then I was told that my furniture would be arriving on January 14th!!! I ended up calling my salesperson (Ami) and she said that i will definitely be getting my couch on December 30th as it was in writing. December 30th comes along and my couch does not arrive. I... More...
    tonyloube's Picture   tonyloube    2 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick " Worst Service Ever "

    By far the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life. I purchased a mixture of furniture both bran new and as is.. One of my pull out sofas was as is.. they ended up breaking the sofa and refused to replace it. I spoke to the sales person Mohamed who is a nice guy but was not doing his job properly.. " he was allover me before he made the sale and the once the sale was made and I started having problems all of a sudden he got busy and was unwilling to work hard for me.. He passed me on to this operations manager " middle eastern " I will tell you more about... More...
    aahmeti's Picture   aahmeti    0 Comments   Comments
  • Broken Washer Fiasco

    Bought a washer and dryer online. Took 3 weeks to get it. When we got it, dryer was dented badly. They took it back and replaced it the following week. 2 months later the washer broke down. Still under warranty, contacted the company that made it, told me to call the brick, called the brick, they said call the manufacturer. 3 months later, I am paying the brick to come and pick up the broken washer and replace it with another one. Terrible customer service, warranty service, all around garbage company. Never again. Cutting up my brick card. More...
    mckillinton's Picture   mckillinton    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick- Horrible warranty department

    I bought a dining set at Brick- Hunt Club Road Kanata (Tahoe 7 Piece Dining Package ); the product is just a mess. The chairs make a weird noise and the screws are loose no matter what. I called the warranty department at Brick, and the lady after listening to me for 10 seconds told me: we can not do anything for you.........I asked to speak to a manager, she left me on hold for more than 10 mn, and came back nastier than ever. I did hold, and I was back in the queue and the same lady responded again........I told her I just spoke with her but she left me hanging........and she said: you... More...
    consumer11's Picture   consumer11    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful delivery and damaged product and wasting people time and money

    I bought a chest from Vancouver Brick (Grand view highway). First of all delivery people supposed to call a day before delivery and but I did not receive a call and so I had to call to figure out what time my delivery is. After waiting all morning at home finally my delivery arrived in the afternoon but the chest was damaged so I did not accept the chest and I refused to take it. I call to the BRICK %u2018s number in Vancouver to talk about it and the customer service did not show any concern about the matter so I decided to get my money back. The company charged me for the delivery that... More...
    sumvan's Picture   sumvan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Awful delivery, damaged product and wasting people time and money

    I bought a chest from Vancouver Brick (Grand view highway). First of all delivery people supposed to call a day before delivery and but I did not receive a call and so I had to call to figure out what time my delivery is. After waiting all morning at home and finally my delivery arrived in the afternoon but the chest was damaged so I did not accept the chest and I refused to take it. I call to the BRICK %u2018s number in Vancouver to talk about it and the customer service did not show any concern about the matter so I decided to get my money back. The company charged me for the delivery... More...
    sumvan's Picture   sumvan    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    I purchased a couple of leather chairs from the Brick online. Had to confirm my credit card information and waited for over 30 minutes to actually speak to someone to do as they asked. Ordering online is more time consuming than going into the store where the sales reps follow you around like you're a criminal! They were to be ready for pick-up on December 5th and if there were any changes a representative would contact me. Of course this did not happen. This morning I waited on the phone for over 24 minutes to be told that it is "tentatively" expected on the 12th and... More...
    EJACKSON's Picture   EJACKSON    0 Comments   Comments
  • service

    bought a MAYTAG fridge and paid for it nov 10 2014 and told today dec 8 not available anymore when i was expecting a fridge before holidaysa and a house full of guests and no fridge since i just bought a house that has NO FRIDGE. SO NOW WHAT SINCE APPARENTLY THERE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT AVAILABLE??? GET MY MONEY BACK AND START OVER AT CHRISTMAS TIME????/ POOR SERVICE AND TOTALLY UNACCEPTALE More...
  • Horrible Custome Service!

    Bought a mattress set that the sales agent "described". Was not allowed to try it, but was assured I could bring it back within 180 days as long as I used a mattress protector. I asked to try it in the Warehouse and was told there was no room. Took it home, laid on it still in the factory plastic, and it was horribly uncomfortable - not at all what was described. Took it back a few hours later - they refused to take it back. They told me they could not "legally" take it back. I researched the Brick, and found out what a horrible company they are and the terrible reviews.... More...
  • hExample: read what you sign and there won't be surprises.

    If you actually took time to read the ONE page card holder application you would 1. Know about the annual fee for you lazy QC people and you would know what a better deal you are getting then the rest of us & 2. You would see the boldest box with bold letter explaining what the payment protection is and how much it charges each month, rather then just be a child and just sign without reading. A ND why on earth would you ever trust a sales person they are there for one thing the commission on what you buy they don't give a damn if u sign up for something that cost each month they... More...
    (Government, Civil Services, Politics)
    jaydondrew9's Picture   jaydondrew9    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cheap sectionnal couch

    Hi. I bought a sectionnal at the brick in gatineau. I got told that i didnt took the warranty for the fabric. The only warranty I took and offered was for the construction. After 1-1/2 yrs, they came back to replace the cushions as we were feeling the springs. On The Brick website, it says that cushions wont desintegrated. Bullshit. So now since we didnt took the warranty for the fabric, we have to deal with a 2yr old couch as the fabric is ripping out everywhere. They couldnt even arrange us something. After buying there for 10yrs, it will be somewhere else that I will shop.... More...
    jeroy's Picture   jeroy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Accent Tables

    I went to The Brick store in Kirkland, Quebec for the very first time, whereby I came across accent tables that matched perfectly with my living room. Little did I know what a disaster my purchase was about to become! The young lady who had served us took forever to organize the paperwork involved. It was about 9:30 pm when we left the store, after we arrived at 7:00 pm!! At one point, I asked her to give me the phone and I spoke to the TD credit officer at the other end; finally, all was confirmed. Once we received the Brick invoice at home, we were surprised to see an 'annual... More...
    mamma1927's Picture   mamma1927    0 Comments   Comments
  • three deliveries and three pieces of crap

    Bought a couch from brick in barrie ontario . They delivered me a ripped leather sofa. I called them they brought another one two weeks latter. It was ripped more than the first one. Today i received my third sofa.its a bit Better not ripped but dents and dings in the leather all over. Had the operations manager call me so i could make my complaint. What s phony jerk i wad asking him a question and his response was yeah yeah ok sure he was clearly not even listening just saying yes yes yes sir.really big prick. Won't buy your deffectivr shit again what fo uou guys just keep moving... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    skinnard's Picture   skinnard    0 Comments   Comments
  • the brick takes leaking washer back

    I bought a lg front load washer from the brick 3 days ago tried it for the first time today .and instead of the water going into the drum it was pouring onto my floor my husband and I went to the brick Chilliwack bc and explained the situation and the customer service rep was already on the phone ordering another one as quickly as she could get one delivered witch is on Sunday. not a lot of questions just great customer care and concern I love the brick. thank you thank you LAELONI K. YOU ARE A GREAT PERSON DANA AND BENITO. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DANABENITO's Picture   DANABENITO    2 Comments   Comments
  • Not even worth the time

    Five years ago i bought two fridges from the brick. The saleman offered his expertise stating that if we buy the extended warranty we will be getting peace of mind because we could call and get repairs or if we didn't use it by the expiry date we could have the full amount refunded towards any item in the store. We waited five years, it expired, we didn't use it, so we went in to make our purchase....NOT... There were restrictions we could only purchase furniture or mattresses. But we wanted a television wall bracket. We spoke to the manager, who didn't know but would... More...
    Ryerson's Picture   Ryerson    0 Comments   Comments
  • Don'y buy from them! They lie for the sales! Kitchener Location

    My fiance and I had a couch and bed delivered last Tuesday September 30th and since then we have been trying to get a hold of someone to talk about the insane scratches and dents in the couches. The customer service we got from the store was disgusting and rude. They had NO compassion for us and our issue. We have now tried to get in touch with a manager and the sales guy who sold us the furniture for 5 days and have had no one call us back or even seem to care about us. I wanted to give them a chance considering all the bad press on them but I regret it entirely. They give customer service... More...
  • Couch falling apart after a year

    I am very disappointed in the quality of the furniture we bought from the brick. My boyfriend and I moved in with eachother a few years ago and bought all of our furniture through the brick. We assumed the quality would be slightly better then ikea and still fit with our budget. After less then a year our coffee table became loose and we ended up throwing it out when we moved. Our tv stand can no longer be trusted to support a tv. Our mattress feels like a box a spring and most disappointing of all our couch is a disgusting mess. We bought a large faux sectional and the leather has been... More...
    KatelynBee's Picture   KatelynBee    1 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible and rude customer service at the Hamilton, Barton St. Location

    My wife and I purchase a brand new, Samsung, washer and dryer from The Brick. The intial salesperson was pleasant however, once they had our money we experienced the worst customer service I have ever encountered. Managers would never call us back. Promises never kept. All out lies and blaming us for complaining that the delivery men didn't deliver the equipment to the basement where it belonged. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with purchasing appliances. Completely childish and unprofessional. We had to speak directly to one fo the top administrators (Tony)... More...
    (Dry Cleaning, Laundry)
    KyleLandry's Picture   KyleLandry    0 Comments   Comments
  • The

    I ordered a bed and mattress from the Brick and the next day we found that it wasnt going to work for us. I have contacted their "help" line and have been told that we can exchange it but only for another bed. We do not need another bed; however we are happy to exchange it for something in another department. I have asked to speak to a Supervisor and on 3 separate occasions I have been told that they will call me back. I am still waiting. The bed and mattress have never been opened. Staff are rude, and unhelpful and I am appauled that someone wont return my call. There is... More...
    rego's Picture   rego    0 Comments   Comments
  • Over 16 days with no response

    This is an email I sent on September 19, 2014 to along with the CSR whom was forwarding my complaint to a supervisor. I have yet to hear from ANYONE in response to my original call on September 9/14. Does The Brick care about it's customers AT ALL??!!!! Hello, As we thought would happen, we have yet to receive a call/message from A******a. We've had several calls from different departments of The Brick reiterating the same information which is the reason we want to speak with a supervisor. We are not happy with the messages left and the lack of... More...
  • The Brick Hamilton

    This is the worst experience that I ever had with any store in my 48 years.. I spent over $7000 cash with this store and had problems from day 1.... wrong items were delivered.. ordered a black bedroom suite and received a mahogany.... was never informed that the mattress box bed is going to be about 4ft high.. impossible to get on... tried out the firm mattress in store... confirmed various times with John the salesman that I want the firm due to my back problems yet he sent me the plush. The power recliner failed working within 2 weeks... after many frustrating calls I eventually got... More...
    JennyNaude's Picture   JennyNaude    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lied about quality, lied about policies, lied about the store credit usage

    TheBrick's Name should be changed to "ONE BIG FAT LIE". Bought Dinette that was supposed to Granite top and chairs were supposed to be wooden. Table top was not granite and chairs were made of pressed wood. Big time lie's and fraud. Opened a BBB complaint which is closed and not resolved. Finally I accepted the Store Credit and advised can be transferred to someone else, if they buy or they have bought on brick credit card. And now that turns out to be a lie as well. you can't transfer, you can just purchase another garbage stuff from them. More...
    zthind's Picture   zthind    0 Comments   Comments
  • The Brick - terribly quality furniture and even worse customer service

    We purchased a considerable amount of furniture through the Brick when we purchased our last home - fridge, stove, dishwasher, couch, loveseat etc. After less than 6 months we noticed that the reclining seats of the loveseat and couch were leaning towards the outside when you reclined them, leaving you feeling like you were slanting when you were reclined. After getting an incredible runaround and having a technician come out to inspect and then just admit to us that the problem was that our couches that we paid a couple of thousand for were just made like junk, yet still being told that... More...
    LHenderson's Picture   LHenderson    0 Comments   Comments

The Brick Reviews By Product


The Brick Comments

DPelling says: (3 months ago)
Montreal Distribution Centre is the pits!

28 November 2014 (Black Friday)
A number of items were ordered, totalling $5938.82. This figure was paid in full. At that time the three items in question (two loveseats and a chair) were to be available by mid-December.

3 December
I visited The Brick to claim the Samsung Tablet (a bonus for purchases of over $X). This had NOT been mentioned on the day I made the purchase.

9 December
Upon my checking with The Brick, I was advised that the three items above would now be delivered on 3 January. There was a discussion as to whether this meant they were to be delivered to the Distribution Centre or to me. At any rate, the latest delivery to me was to be by 5 January.

2 January 2015
I telephoned The Brick to confirm delivery and was advised that two pieces only were to be delivered on/by 4 January.

4 January
Nothing! Power outages had shut down the Distribution Centre and the local store. I did not receive any call about non-delivery either.

5 January
I called the store (speaking to a not-very-helpful lady) and was told about the power outage. I called a second time and was told that only one piece could be delivered unless I wanted to receive two pieces, one of which was damaged (a most stupid comment for the Customer Service male to make). I asked for the manager to call me back but she did not do so. I then visited the store and spoke to Sarah, the (duty) manager) and was told that she did not know whether one or two pieces were available – but that delivery could take place only on 7 January.

7 January
At about 1700 the delivery was made. The chair was put in the lobby while the other piece was brought in from the truck (note that TWO pieces were being delivered). I inspected the chair and found that the power cord had been sliced off and that another plug from the power unit was dangling in space! The chair was eventually taken away by the truck. Meanwhile the deliverymen brought in a three-seater and got it all the way to the sixth floor before finding out that it was for somebody else! Eventually a loveseat (the unpowered one) was delivered and unpacked! I advised The Brick by telephone about all this. I received a call back (from a very pleasant and helpful Brittany) advising that another piece would be delivered on the 11th but that progress on the third piece was still an unknown!

10 January
Elizabeth, presumably from the Distribution Centre, called to advise about delivery of the powered loveseat. I told her that I had been told on the 7th that delivery was scheduled for tomorrow. She responded that she had no delivery scheduled for me – but that she would try to schedule it for tomorrow. I told her that I was furious with The Brick. She responded “Well, I won’t try to schedule it for tomorrow then”. I put the telephone down.

I called the store (514-965-9600) and spoke to Brittany. I asked for Sarah but she is not in today. Brittany remembered our conversation but, after checking the file she agreed that no delivery was shown – and she thought that was rather strange. Further checking revealed that the powered loveseat was scheduled for Tuesday (13th) (and had, presumably, just been received) and that the powered chair was not yet in stock. Brittany suggested that the loveseat scheduled for tomorrow may have been found to have been damaged. She said that she would attempt to get the loveseat re-scheduled for tomorrow. She said that she would try to call back today with an update and that she did not leave work until 1700.

I advised Brittany that I would be writing to the managing director about Elizabeth.

11 January

12 January
Received call from, presumably, the Distribution Centre to advise that two pieces of furniture are to be delivered Thursday. After some discussion this was changed to Wednesday the 14th. I asked why nothing had been delivered yesterday and was that I had put the telephone down on the person who called on the 10th - it was either that or explode! I advised the male that I would be sending a letter to their managing director complaining about Elizabeth.

I live in hope of delivery on Wednesday - but I have no expectation of a positive response by The Brick management

Suru says: (8 months ago)
Stay away from the brick not good quality furnitures. We wanted brand new for our new house ended up having damaged and low quality furnitures. If you want to have your blood pressure high call their customer service, they are not suppose to be there taking our calls very rude. We will never go there again.

Suru says: (8 months ago)
Stay away from the brick not good quality furnitures. We wanted brand new for our new house ended up having damaged and low quality furnitures. If you want to have your blood pressure high call their customer service, they are not suppose to be there taking our calls very rude. We will never go there again Bad experience

JENNY123 says: (9 months ago)

Marcia04doug says: (9 months ago)
My husband and I bought a sofa and love seat from the Brick last December 2013. We didn't purchase any extra warranty as it was so cheap we figures it's not worth it because it already came with one year. The salesman we had I the PG store said that it was no big dp deal because it was all Canadian made and was some of the best the store had. He convinced us that what we had bought would stand up for years to come. By the second month we had the furniture it literally started falling apart. It started with the cushions that came with it .... They were fraying. Then the seating cushions started to fray and the seams started coming undone. So I made a call to the 800 number and the lady asked me to send her photos of all the issues with both sofa and love seat so I did ... As soon as she got the photos she called me right away and said oh yes we've had this issue with other sets just like yours and what we can do is offer you full replacement value in store credit or we can replace all the cushions and give you an in store crest of $400.00. We decided that because it would be a hassel to do he entire return that we would get the replacement parts and and the I store credit. Well..... That was in January ...... After several and I mean several phone calls and them telling me my order didn't exist and that my phone number was invalid and they had none of the photos I sent in that I would have to talk to someone in store. Let me tell you that was the most unpleasant conversation I have ever had until I talked to the lady in the PG store. I was clearly upset as we had already been waiting for 4 1/2 months for replacement parts and when I voiced that all I wanted was my money back to go elsewhere she promptly told me that the offer of replacing the cushions was now off the table and so was the $400.00 in store credit because she didn't like my attitude. I WILL NEVER AGAIN DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. We did end up getting replacement furniture and it's the faux leather sofa and love seat. We waited 2 months for it to come in and we had to pick it up ourselves after paying for delivery because the lady said she refused to have it delivered once again because of my bad attitude I think anyone in my position would have had a bad attitude by that point.... Anyway to put the icing on the cake when my husband picked up the new stuff the lady advised my husband that because this was replacement furniture that all the warranty was now null and void. I have no clue how this place stays open. Customer service is clearly not one of the companies strong values. I wish I could name the lady who was so completely ignorant but I know thats not aloud so I just hope that she gets put through some customer service orientation program to learn how to speak to her guests in store. Again I will never shop at the brick again and neither will any of my family and friends as this was so stressful for us they are standing beside us

ambro says: (2 years ago)
Worse furniture store around. I will never shop at any brick store again. Totally useless and very rude. Worse customer service staff ever. They give you the run around and could not care about their customers. You spend thousands of dollars and they treat you like crap. I was warned about not to purchase anything from the brick and did not listen to my friends....biggest mistake, it will never happen again. A company not worth two cents.

Jacobm says: (2 years ago)
I purchased a dinette set in 2011 & a 5 year warrenty. Last week I notice that the table top is bubbling so I sent the brick an email. They asked for pictures so I sent those too but the requested other pictures because they claim they couldn't see the bubble. After several emails back & forth I decided to call them. I spoke to a young lady that looked at the pictures & told me she was going to call the store where I purchased it & order me a replacemt for today July 26th. So we got the table ready for exchange but I noticed that thebrick hadn't called me yet to arrange an exchange time. So I called the warranty dept. & was told that there was no order. I asked to speak to a manager the lady on the line said she is a manager. So I told her that I wanted my table by today or the next day.she told me the earliest would be Tuesday next week I told her that that was unexceptable. I told her that I wasn't happy. Just I I told her that she hung up on me. I then called the store to see if someone could help me there, I asked to speak with a manager & I was told that there wasn't one there & I said how can there not be a manager in the whole store. She then told me the manager was with someone but I could leave a message so I did & I still didn't get a call back. The message was very discriptive. I then decided to call the warranty dept. back & spoke to someone else not the lady that hung up on me & had my number but never called me back. This lady apologized for her co-worker. Told me she could have someone do the exchange on Tuesday. I told her to set that up. She suggested I complain in a form of an email. So there you have it. Bad really bad customer service. If there weren't able to deliver the table today they should have told md that several days ago.

kihio says: (2 years ago)
I saw a freezer at the BRICK on sale. Good pice. So I go buy 1. The salesman says that it will be in town on the truck sunday,delivery on tuesday.I say cool that will work. He tells me to call and verify the arrival and confirm the delivery. I do. The girl says that the manufacturer has delayed delivery by 3 weeks. Hmm. I go to a local store. They undercut the price,and I got delivery in 1 day.Nice tag line. I found someone that BEATS THE BRICK. fyi same freezer,same model. cheaper,faster.have a nice day Brick

Marc410 says: (2 years ago)
Massive Delivery let down from The Brick today:
Pre-arranged 12-4 delivery window with the Brick over a week and a half in advance.
Reserved elevator and someone to be present.
Voicemail from driver on delivery day 730am confirming 10-1pm window.
Called customer service - doesn't open til 9am.
Called 901am, advised impossible delivery, Cust service advised driver knows elevator window.
Get call from driver at 1050am - I adv'd I would have someone call within minutes and to stay there.
Arranged person calls driver immediately and agrees to meet within 10 minutes.
Driver leaves and does not wait 10 minutes. Rescheduling is definitely 4+ days away.
Although I was very clear on time frames, as I needed to be for the elevator book - it's our fault for not being there.

Loreine says: (2 years ago)
No comments

Andy02 says: (2 years ago)
Why would someone buy something online? Simple answer is to get it as soon as possible. Forget about it if you buy something from You will never know until you buy something from Brick that it takes about 40 days to arrive. You think when you give them your credit card information, you will receive items, but that's not true for Brick.
I received a call and they didn't even left me a message. I searched number in internet and found reviews saying that they call you and if you don't confirm, they discard your order. Then I called that number. It goes to a VM box asking to call another number and it also say we don't check Voice messages.
I called this new number and a very rude customer service lady answered. She didn't want to even listen to me. I spent over $ 5000 to buy these Crap.
Then they put a delivery date after 37 days. Finally when you get your order, items are missing and you have to fix them yourself. After few months, you notice that those items are not in good quality.
Third world countries have better customer service than Brick.
Bottom line: They advertise that you don't have to pay 15 months, but that's another trap. You have to get their high interest credit card. Nice advertisements and shows reasonable prices, but DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY TO BUY CRAP FROM BRICK.

bricksucks says: (3 years ago)
WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!! I was left without a dishwasher for 2 months and the CS is rude !

Dlbc says: (3 years ago)
We ordered a leather couch set on Wednesday from The Brick in Ottawa East end . Not the first time we have ordered there. We never have a problem with the quality or the service and this is why we continue to shop at this location.
It came on time as usual two days later. . Besides the delivery guys being a bit rude , delivery went well. When we inspected it later ,we realized some of the threads were loose. We called customer service and within mins of explaining the problem they scheduled a delivery of a new couch for us on the next delivery day.. Today.
Delivery went well, the delivery guys were polite and extremely helpful and we have a perfect couch. All this in one week. I couldnt be happier.
Perhaps the problems I am reading about here are the locations... Or the fact that people only like to complain when there is a problem and feel no need to compliment when they are happy.

marciax0x0 says: (3 years ago)
If I had known before purchasing my furniture from the brick that they were hard to deal with, careless of their customers and disrespectful I would never have purchased anything from them (Dundas st Mississauga, Ontario Location). I am extremely upset and disappointed with their poor customer service. When i first purchased my furniture and electronics from the brick they harassed my husband and I about getting warranty and spent the whole time explaining to us the pros of getting warranty. I wish they had explained to us the cons instead. A year later, my mattress was already ruined springs coming out through the sides and our leather "SOFA" had ware and tear so we called trans global their warranty people and they came over to check out the furniture. Few weeks later I received a call from the brick location I purchased my furniture from and they said i could go ahead and re select the "SOFA" and they would just give me another mattress. (which i never asked why i couldn't re select it myself) Must I add that on the day the woman called me from the brick to make my re selection she only gave me a number of how much to spend and didn't explain what it consisted of. I then called a few more times before going to re select to make sure everything was indeed how they stated on the first call and let me tell you I called at least 5 times and I got 5 different answers. One of the questions was "With the left over money from the re selection of my "SOFA" can i purchase something else?" The answer was yes and I went a head and bought a microwave. This happened on Sunday so on Wednesday I received my "SOFA" , mattress and microwave. The delivery guys took back the defected "SOFA" and the mattress. A few hours later I received a nasty call from Natalie the manager at the location this is how it went. "Hi so and so who was home at the time of the delivery and why didn't the love seat go back?" EXCUSE ME!! no one talks to a paying good customer like that. Moving on I found out that the re selection credit given to me included the love seat. As you can see while reading this I quoted and cap the word "SOFA" for a reason, the love seat was never mentioned in any of my conversations with the Representatives. I understand that I got a microwave as an extra but I wish someone at the brick had notified me of what my credit consisted of. Now they claim if i don't give back the extra or if i don't give back the love seat or don't pay it will be given to collections. Now the brick ignores my call and emails, I'm always getting transferred and having to explain myself again and again and when I do leave messages they don't get returned. The brick is ignoring the fact that they are at fault for not explaining to the customer the terms of the credit. OH and by the way the nasty woman on the phone told me I should have known what the credit consisted of and they didn't have to explain. WOW WAY TO TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS! THE PRICKS LOVE TO RIP OFF OTHERS BUT WHEN IT ACCIDENTLY HAPPENS TO THEM THEY DON'T LIKE IT. One of my missions in life now is to make sure everyone I know is informed not to shop at the brick!!!

Disgrunted says: (3 years ago)
I bought a brand new Whirlpool side by side from The Brick in Windsor, and paid in cash, a week later the fridge stopped working , well i phoned The Brick and they gave me the # for their repair company, I had to phone myself, only to find put they were too bussy and it would take a week to get someone out , they in turn gave me the # for Whirlpool , i phoned That Company and they sent a repairman out the same day!! It turned out to be a manufactures defect! So the repairman reported this to Whirlpool, and they agreed to replace it fully!! I phoned the Brick twice more only to be told they had to get approval from Whirlpool. I again phoned Whirlpool and they sent a fax to THE Brick , well i phoned the Brick the next day to inquire about this S, She told me ONLY I could get permission from Whirlpool to get a replacement, I informed her the fax was sent in the day before and what time it came in. She said imediatly i'll phone you right back! She phoned me back to tell me the paper work was all finished , and they had phoned me the day before that they called me to set up a time for delivery; I told her NO you did NOT i have call display and call waiting and was home all day , she quickly set up delivery for two days later!! THE BRICK has lied ,and made ME do all the work to get replacement fridge!!! I'll NEVER buy anything there again. BUT i do Give WHIRLPOOL credit for the great sevice They gave me! THE BRICK (BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE)....

Trinity2ca says: (4 years ago)
The Brick - 1607 Dundas St E, Miss, Ontario

August 20th - visited this location and was IMMEDIATELY approached by "Rawji". By the end of my visit he had sold me a fireplace and mattress (while bashing his counter-part at the Mavis location, advising me that they had ripped me off on my previous purchases....he referred to you Lennox). The delivery was scheduled for Sept 2nd as teh house is being remodelled and therefore was vacant until September. The delivery people showed up (un-announced) on August 27th, they called me to advise me they were waiting outside and I was therefore forced to make a special trip up to let them in. Upon inspection of the fireplace, it was evident they had sent the incorrect pieces (the wrong doors). I called them to let them know and they advised they would have someone bring the correct doors out on Aug 31st. On that day (for which arrangements were made for soneone to wait for them), they cancelled and re-booked - (without my knowledge) for the 1st. On this day, they called (not just the wrong number BUT showed up at the wrong house!). I contacted the store and was "greeted " by a RUDE female " Denise" (who has no business answering the phone to paying customers) and requested to speak with the manager since RAWJI was left 4 messages NONE of which were returned. I spoke with "Vicki" who reviewed the information and acknowledged the comedy of errors within their organization but offered no apology. She advised they would simply reset the delivery for Friday night. I later (having still not heard back from Rawji) took it upon myself to call and finally got him on the line. His only explanation for not calling back at all over the previous 4 days was simply that " he was busy ". I explained the litany of mistakes they made (anticipating not just an apology but some sort of offering)....NONE of which was provided and actually received an attitude from this guy (now that he had his sale from me). He proceeded to ask me " what I wanted " and said " there's no money to give ". He then told me he had to go since he was dealing with customers and when I requested he transfer me to his manager.....he hung up on me! I have left a message for the manager and am awaiting her call.

Sherry03 says: (4 years ago)
The brick does not follow through with what they promise on their warranties.Have been dealing with what I call a big sink hole in the middle of my sectional,their techs say normal wear and tear???? Also was told by one tech that they use "cheap chinese foam" thats the problem, he should have checked out my last name before making that comment. I have had to be the one calling and emailing them,absoulutley no customer service at all. I finally talked to the store manager Paul Dyer from central city in surrey after 2 months and no he wasnt rude but oh so very condensending.

Sherry03 says: (4 years ago)
The brick does not follow through with what they promise on their warranties.Have been dealing with what I call a big sink hole in the middle of my sectional,their techs say normal wear and tear???? Also was told by one tech that they use "cheap chinese foam" thats the problem, he should have checked out my last name before making that comment. I have had to be the one calling and emailing them,absoulutley no customer service at all. I finally talked to the store manager Paul Dyer from central city in surrey after 2 months and no he wasnt rude but oh so very condensending.

SayNoToTheBrick says: (5 years ago)

The after sales service is HORRIBLE. They trick you to buy the extended warranty on furniture. When it comes to repair, they'll delay it, never return calls, put you on hold forever, asking manager etc, ask for quote from their supplier and never get back to you for weeks, all sorts of reasons for trying not to fulfill the warranty.

bricklover says: (5 years ago)
I bought around 9000 dollars from the brick to furnish my house around 4 years ago. I have a wonderful experience. The sales person was very friendly and told be she would have everything delivered exactly a month later. I took the day off and got eveyone out of my house to prepare for the new stuff. I got a call in the morning telling my what time they would be there. They arrived right on time, were very friendly, and set everything up in a timely matter. I had nothing damaged and to this day 4 years later i still have no problems.

mikeyd says: (6 years ago)
On Aug 15th my husband and I purchased a sofa and love-seat from the Peterborough Brick store. The first two sofas were damaged.

Last Thursday Sept 17th the third sofa was delivered, it too was damaged, I phoned the Peterborough store speak to *****, as she was had been helping us deal with the problem, she wasn't in until the Saturday. I phoned back and asked to speak to a manager, I was put on the phone to Dave. I started to explain the situation, but he interrupted and said he was putting me on hold, as he was busy with other customers. I told him I thought that he was rude but he put me on hold anyway !! Upon returning to the phone, I again started to explain the situation, and said that maybe we should have put the furniture on deferred for fifteen months instead of paying for it upfront, he interrupted at one point and said "Well you got money off it, didn't you//" I told him the set had been reduced further in the sale, and that was the credit we were given. I'm not sure if he was implying that we had money off , to keep a damaged sofa. At another point he interrupted and said" Well you have the sofa in your home , don't you ??". We have a second damaged sofa in our home, covered over, waiting to be returned, the third one didn't make it past the front door, the delivery men suggested I inspect it on the driveway, it had been previously opened and had a slit in the leather on the left hand side.
Finally after a couple of interruptions I said" Can I finish what I'm saying??" to which his answer was "No!!"

At this point, I told him that I had found ***** and **** from his store very helpful, but that I found him very rude and arrogant, and that I didn't want to talk to him, I would phone back next day and talk to someone else.

I realize managers are busy, but should maintain a certain level of professionalism. I felt I was treated with disrespect, and that he had no interest in soling the issue.

kelson001 says: (6 years ago)
On September 25, 2008 I purchased (Saleorder Number 09258440527‏), from the Scaborough SuperStore, a living-room set. I paid $1200 in cash for two sofas, tables and two lamps. To date I have received everything except for the lamps.

I think that it's absolutely rediculous that I would have to wait three months for the delivery of items that have been bought and paid for. Initial delivery dates had been established for the delivery of the lamps and every time, 4-5 times in total, those delivery dates had been pushed back. At this point the superstore is unable to determine when, if ever, those lamps will be delivered to me.

I had called The Brick's customer service department yesterday and the representative suggested that I go to The brick's web site and select replacement lamps. I thought this was a great idea. I selected the replacement lamps and I called the superstore to inform them of the change. I was informed that there was a price difference between the replacement lamps and the lamps I originally ordered; as a result I had to pay $56. I simply cannot believe, after the money I've already spent and the time I've waited, that The Brick would attempt to squeeze another $56 from me.

The Brick speaks loudly about their 'commitment to provide an enjoyable shopping experience' but you do nothing to display such commitment to your customers when difficulties are experienced. The simple fact is this: I entered into an agreement with The Brick. I did so under the assumption that the goods I purchased would be delivered to me within a reasonable period of time (a right, I believed, is accorderd under the Consumer Protection Act). Three months is definitely NOT a reasonable period of time. If The Brick cannot provide me the goods we agreed upon, within a reasonable period of time, then you should offer me a replacement for those items, at NO additional cost.

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